The Somali Ambassador meets with the President of IIUI

In Islamabad, the President of the International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI), Dr. Hathal Homoud Alotaibi, received a visit on Monday from Shirwa Abdullahi Ibrahim, the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Somalia, accompanied by Prof. Dr. Hassan Osman Gaal, the Rector of Somalia National University, and Prof. Dr. Mohamed Mohamud Hassan, the Rector of Benadir University in Somalia. The meeting primarily focused on mutual interests, particularly the advancement of education and the strengthening of educational collaborations between the higher education institutions of both countries.

Discussions during the meeting highlighted the potential for IIUI’s involvement across various academic disciplines to contribute to the further development of higher education in Somalia. Both parties agreed to reinforce educational partnerships between IIUI and universities in Somalia.

The Somali Ambassador commended the vision of the International Islamic University Islamabad, emphasizing its commitment to quality education, a student-centric approach, and advancements in research. He also expressed gratitude to the IIUI President for the university’s care and support for Somali students studying there, mentioning IIUI’s popularity among students from Somalia.

Dr. Alotaibi, the President of IIUI, briefed the Ambassador on the university’s history, future plans, vision, recent activities, and achievements. He expressed IIUI’s eagerness to welcome and assist more Somali students and highlighted the diverse cultural environment that fosters representation from numerous countries.

Additionally, Dr. Alotaibi highlighted the university’s significant progress over the past three years, attributing it to reforms under the varsity’s strategic plan. He assured continued support for discussions on professional exchanges with Somali universities and pledged assistance in identifying outstanding Somali alumni of IIUI.

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