The character known as ‘Captain’ in Brooklyn Nine-Nine passes away.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s beloved star Andre Braugher, famously recognized as Captain Holt, has passed away at the age of 61.

He gained prominence through his portrayal as a police officer in Homicide: Life On The Street, embodying the character of detective Frank Pembleto. His portrayal of Captain Holt in the Andy Samberg-led sitcom endeared him to comedy enthusiasts.

Terry Crews, renowned for his role as Lieutenant Terry Jeffords in the award-winning series, expressed disbelief at the shocking news through his Instagram account. “Thank you for your wisdom, your advice, your kindness, and your friendship. Deepest condolences to your wife and family in this difficult time. You showed me what a life well-lived looks like. Rest In Peace, Andre. I love you, man,” he wrote.

Chelsea Peretti, who portrayed Gina, shared a photo of Andre alongside his police uniform portrait, expressing her affection: “Love you ❤️ I will always cherish our conversations, often with me hanging in your doorway barring your exit, and the insane opportunity to be your sidekick.”

Marc Evan Jackson, who portrayed Andre’s on-screen husband Kevin, penned a succinct tribute: “O Captain. My Captain.”

Jo Lo Truglio, also known as Charles Boyle, conveyed his sentiments: “I miss him so much already. What an honor to work with a man who knew what it was really all about. I feel blessed and thankful. Miss you Capt Holt.”

Joel McKinnon Miller (Detective Scully) and Dirk Blocker (Detective Hitchcock) extended their condolences, expressing admiration for Andre’s talent. “Sending love to Andre’s family and friends and all of us who had the honor of working with him,” Joel wrote. “The 9 years I was able to work with him and to just be in his presence was truly a blessing. My heartfelt condolences go out to his family,” Dirk added.

Melissa Fumero, who portrayed Amy Santiago, shared a picture from a previous set that featured Andre’s precinct office.

Kyra Sedgwick, known for her role as Captain Madelaine Wuntch, paid tribute on her Instagram stories, stating, “Playing his other half in Brooklyn Nine-Nine will forever be one of the highlights of my career.”

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