The Cast of Game of Thrones: Then and Now

What is the stylish thing about watching Game Of Thrones? Reading everything about it after you’ve watched it! We know a lot about the notorious show’s characters their likes and dislikes, their heartstrings and fears, whether or not they are involved in an incestuous relationship, the number of dragons they retain, etc. The performances are so witching that we frequently forget that Game of Thrones actors are real people beneath Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen. Frequently these notorious actors and actresses have appeared in numerous other products before their appearance on HBO’s most popular series. And since we formerly know who is going out with who, now is the time to see how our cherished Game of Thrones cast looked when they were youthful (or in some cases- kiddies) in this’ also and now’ print compendium.

Take a look at this list, collected by Jaanye, and see if you can find your favorite GoT cast member before they arrived in Westeros.

Emilia Clarke

Jason Momoa

Peter Dinklage

Lena Headey

Jack Gleeson 

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Sean Bean

Sophie Turner

Maisie Williams

Michelle Fairley

Kit Harington

Nathalie Emmanuel

Aidan Gillen

Kristian Nairn

Iain Glen

Ross Mullan

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