Punjab mandates the use of buses for students attending private schools.

The Punjab government has initiated a significant step to combat the persistent smog crisis by reshaping the transportation protocols of private schools.

Under the new guidelines, private educational institutions must ensure that a minimum of 60% of their students utilize school buses for transportation. This represents a notable departure from the prior practice where numerous students relied on private vehicles for commuting.

The objective is to curtail the environmental repercussions stemming from individual transportation choices and tackle the severe smog conditions prevalent in the region. The Education Authority in Lahore has issued a directive mandating private schools to procure their own buses and transport a majority of their students via these buses. Non-compliant schools could face potential penalties.

To verify compliance, private schools are mandated to acquire buses and furnish certificates as evidence. This stringent monitoring underscores the government’s commitment to enforcing this new policy and fostering shared responsibility among educational institutions.

At present, a considerable proportion of students attending private schools use private vehicles or van services for transportation. Initially targeting major school franchises, this policy is poised for broader implementation in the future. The Punjab government’s initiative represents a proactive measure in addressing environmental issues and advocating for sustainable practices within the education sector.

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