Sindh Govt. rolls out free Wi-Fi: learn how to connect

Rohri, a city in Sindh, has become one of the select few in the region to offer a free Wi-Fi service, a move spearheaded by the District Council Sukkur.

This initiative aims to enhance connectivity and accessibility for residents, particularly focusing on students and their educational needs. Notably, a similar undertaking was undertaken in Karachi, although it was terminated without prior notice.

Chairman of District Council Sukkur, Syed Kumail Haider Shah, inaugurated the free Wi-Fi pilot project. Via X, formerly known as Twitter, Chairman Shah underscored that this internet service holds the potential to significantly benefit students across Sindh, offering them access to high-quality education resources.

The newly introduced Wi-Fi service boasts an impressive speed of up to 3 Mbps, allowing a substantial number of users to connect simultaneously.

Commenting on the rollout, Chairman Shah expressed his contentment in delivering on the pledges made to the city’s populace.

Discussing future prospects, he indicated that if the pilot project proves successful, both Sukkur and Rohri will receive extended free Wi-Fi coverage.

How to use free WiFi
To make the most of the newly introduced free WiFi service, follow these simple steps to connect seamlessly.

Access the WiFi network by selecting “PPPBilawalB-RohriExpress” as the user name. For password verification, enter “Nasirshah1”.

Once you’ve successfully entered these details, you’ll be able to enjoy uninterrupted internet access and leverage the benefits of this initiative.

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