Khadija Zareen Foundation Announces Educational Initiatives for Over Two Hundred Thousand Children in Azad Kashmir

Muzaffarabad: In a commendable effort to address educational disparities, Khadija Zareen Foundation has declared its commitment to establishing educational institutions in ten districts of Azad Kashmir, aiming to provide quality education to more than two hundred thousand underprivileged children. The announcement was made during a press conference held at the central office of the Association of Journalists in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Khadija Zareen, the Chairperson of the foundation, emphasized the need to bridge the educational gap for impoverished and orphaned children in Azad Kashmir. The foundation plans to establish modern educational institutions in collaboration with local communities, aligning with contemporary educational standards. Khadija Zareen expressed her vision of having both rich and poor children sitting in the same classroom on the same bench, fostering equality through education.

The initiative received accolades during the tour of Khadija Zareen’s visit to the Association of Journalists’ central office. Asif Raza Mir, the President of the Association, praised Khadija Zareen’s efforts in contributing to social welfare and ethical journalism. The dignitaries appreciated her focus on social work, emphasizing the significance of societal services in challenging circumstances.

Khadija Zareen, while acknowledging her family’s history of sacrifices for the nation, outlined the foundation’s mission to serve humanity beyond conventional boundaries. She stressed the importance of pulling the youth away from the menace of drugs and redirecting them towards a righteous path. Additionally, she reiterated the foundation’s commitment to the freedom movement of Kashmir, emphasizing the need to prioritize the liberation of occupied territories before contemplating decisions regarding Pakistan and independence.

The occasion also included interactions with various departments of the Association of Journalists, fostering mutual understanding and collaboration. Khadija Zareen’s visit aimed to build camaraderie and exchange ideas for joint initiatives, including shared workspaces and a kitchen facility. The members of the association expressed their gratitude for Khadija Zareen’s positive impact on society and the journalistic community.

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