Samsung Introduces an AirDresser to Sanitize Your Clothes

With the emergence of the prevailing coronavirus pandemic, manufacturers worldwide have launched a number of different products to help people cope with the situation. Samsung is one of them.

After launching a UV sanitizer cum wireless charger earlier this year, Samsung has now launched the AirDresser, which is a portable wardrobe-like device that can sanitize and refresh the user’s clothes by deploying various built-in technologies.
The device comes loaded with what Samsung calls a JetSteam, which infuses air deep into the clothes. According to the company, the new tech can remove 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, 100% of house mites, 99% of odor-causing gases, and 99% of other harmful substances from the clothes in the dresser. The refrigerator like chamber also houses a Deodorizing Filter that can capture odor particles from sweat, tobacco, and food.

Furthermore, the AirDresser is equipped with a Heatpump Dryer for drying up the clothes. It uses low-temperature air to prevent shrinking and damaging of the clothes. For people who love fur coats, Samsung has added a Fur Care Cycle that can dehumidify fur clothes by removing up to 90% of the moisture.

The device will be available for sale later today at all Samsung online and offline stores at a retail price of $1500.

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