Indian Paparazzi Turn Spotlight on ‘Babar Bhai’ Following Nick ‘Nickwa’ Jonas Craze

In a scene reminiscent of a Bollywood blockbuster, the Pakistan Cricket Team received a red-carpet-worthy reception at Hyderabad airport as they arrived for the highly anticipated World Cup 2023. Stringent security measures ensured their safe journey to the team bus, where they were greeted by an ecstatic crowd of passionate fans, resounding cheers, and an electrifying atmosphere.

Amid the arrival of the Pakistan Cricket Team, the fervor of cricket enthusiasts reached a crescendo. However, it was the attention and affection showered upon them by the Indian paparazzi that truly stole the spotlight. Having previously lavished love upon celebrities like Tom “Tommy” Holland and Nick “Nickwa” Jonas, the Indian paparazzi have a new fascination, and they affectionately call him “Babar Bhai.”

As the paparazzi clamored for Babar Azam’s attention, the cricketing sensation graciously acknowledged the adoring crowd with a bright, albeit slightly bewildered smile. He waved to the passionate fans, occasionally pausing to interact with them. In a delightful twist, the newlywed Shaheen Shah Afridi engaged in light-hearted banter with a few security personnel, who, as it turns out, were also undercover fans.

In the age of instant sharing and meme culture, videos capturing these interactions with the paparazzi and security personnel swiftly made their way onto social media platforms. The result? An uproarious wave of fan-made edits and memes. “Welcome to India, Babar Azam and Team Pakistan,” exclaimed one user, sharing edited videos of the team’s heartwarming welcome to their neighboring country, accompanied by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s emotive vocals.

“Wow, these guys truly deserved this warm reception,” remarked another user on a microblogging site, sharing a video of Babar donning an orange dupatta while engaging with admirers.

Another social media user took note of the chants echoing around the team, saying, “To be completely honest, I didn’t anticipate such a warm reception for our team in India. The resounding ‘Babar, Babar’ chants on the streets and at the airport were genuinely heartwarming. This goes to show that what you see on social media isn’t the whole truth.”

In another video clip, fans and paparazzi alike swarmed around the team, with particular admiration for Haris Rauf. “Haris Rauf…he looks fantastic,” a man can be heard saying in Hindi. Another user humorously commented that this declaration would stay “rent-free in their mind for the foreseeable future.”

Unsurprisingly, memes flooded social media as well. One user quipped, “The moment Babar Azam set foot on Indian soil,” alongside a video of progress and prosperity flourishing at a mere touch.

In a playful nod to a recently viral video featuring Rakhi Sawant walking past a fan wanting a picture, one user shared, “Babar bhai at the airport,” lamenting, “Please give us the opportunity to shout ‘Virat Bhai, Rahul Bhai’ as well.”

It’s evident that the heartwarming reception of the Pakistan Cricket Team at Hyderabad airport has not only endeared them to cricket enthusiasts but has also fostered a delightful sense of camaraderie between rival cricketing nations. As the World Cup 2023 commences, the excitement both on and off the field promises to be as electrifying as ever.

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