Punjab is experiencing a shortage of 115,000 school teachers

A recent news report indicates a substantial increase in the number of vacant positions for primary teachers in government schools across Punjab. The figure has risen by 45,000, reaching a total of 115,000 vacancies, up from the previous count of 70,000.

According to the report, more than 9,000 primary schools in the province are grappling with severe shortages of teachers, with a maximum of only two to three teachers per school.

Furthermore, the shortage of Primary School Teachers (PSTs) in Lahore alone has exceeded 1,500 positions. This scarcity has created difficulties for teachers seeking transfers to other schools. Female teachers, in particular, are facing challenges as they are often required to teach at locations far from their residences for extended periods, sometimes over five years.

It’s worth noting that during the previous government, the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) was entrusted with the task of examining the recruitment of 14,000 teachers. However, due to a change in government, the recruitment process was halted.

Additionally, there is a pressing need to recruit 30,000 Instructional Support Teams (ISTs) for middle schools across the province, as well as over 15,000 Student Success Teams (SSTs) for higher secondary schools.

Officials have highlighted that an estimated 30,000 more teachers are expected to retire by 2027. The school education department has cautioned that if new teachers are not recruited promptly, there is a significant risk of adverse impacts on the education system within the next three years.

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