President Xi Jinping reveals a vision for a collectively embraced digital future

Beijing: Chinese President Xi Jinping presented his vision for a collective digital future during the inaugural session of the 2023 World Internet Conference (WIC) Wuzhen Summit via video on Wednesday, November 8.

Under the theme “A Vision for a Shared Digital Future,” President Xi stressed the imperative of harnessing the internet’s potential to advance the welfare of people worldwide, expanding on his concept of a community with a shared destiny in the cyber realm.

Shared Digital Future Vision
President Xi reiterated the notion of jointly constructing a community with a shared destiny in cyberspace, a concept initially proposed at the second WIC in 2015. This vision has since garnered global acknowledgment and received positive feedback internationally.

Highlighting the comprehensive importance of this vision, President Xi addressed various key points:

President Xi emphasized the necessity of prioritizing development to ensure widespread access to the benefits of internet development across nations and their populace. This involves enhancing public access to information-based services, narrowing the digital gap, and augmenting livelihoods through internet expansion.

Moreover, President Xi underscored the significance of respecting cyber sovereignty and individual countries’ approaches to governing the internet. He advocated against hegemony, bloc confrontations, and cyber arms races, promoting instead cooperation.

He also highlighted the imperative of combating cybercrimes, fortifying data security, and safeguarding personal information.

Additionally, President Xi affirmed China’s commitment to collaborating with all stakeholders to implement the Global Artificial Intelligence Governance Initiative, ensuring the secure advancement of artificial intelligence.

President Xi stressed the creation of a more equitable and inclusive cyberspace, fostering shared human values, and showcasing human civilization’s achievements. This involves generating high-quality online cultural products and actively advocating for civilization preservation and development.

The 2023 World Internet Conference serves as a vital platform for global discourse and cooperation on internet-related matters.

President Xi’s speech reflects China’s dedication to fostering a more open, cooperative, and secure global cyberspace for the collective benefit of all.

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