Pakistan praises Saudi Arabia, Iran for agreeing to resume diplomatic relations

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan welcomed the normalization of diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran on Friday, calling it an “important diplomatic breakthrough” and applauding China’s role in helping the two sides reach an agreement.

The two Middle Eastern countries decided to restore ties and reopen diplomatic missions while reaching an agreement brokered by the Chinese authorities.

The development was announced in a trilateral statement which mentioned the reopening of embassies within two months along with renewal of bilateral cooperation in other fields.

“Pakistan firmly believes that this important diplomatic breakthrough will contribute to peace and stability in the region and beyond,” said the foreign office in a statement. “We commend the role played by China’s visionary leadership in coordinating this historic agreement which reflects the power of constructive engagement and meaningful dialogue.”

The foreign office praised the “sagacious leadership” of Saudi Arabia and Iran in the wake of the development.

“With a history of consistently supporting and coordinating efforts for bridging gaps between the two brotherly countries, Pakistan will continue to play a constructive role in the Middle East and the region,” it added. “We hope this positive step would define a template for regional cooperation and harmony.”

It may be recalled that the kingdom decided to downgrade its diplomatic relations with Iran after protesters attacked Saudi diplomatic facilities in 2016.

Friday’s agreement, which materialized after several rounds of negotiations between the two Middle Eastern countries, was also welcomed by other states as a positive development for the region.

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