Official Diplomatic Mission: The Acting Chief Minister of Punjab embarks on a trip to China

LAHORE: The Interim Chief Minister of Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi, has embarked on a five-day official visit to China with a primary focus on enhancing economic and technological cooperation.

Earlier today, the interim Prime Minister also commenced his diplomatic trip to the United States. He is scheduled to deliver an address during the General Assembly session on Friday.

During his visit, Interim CM Naqvi has planned meetings with Chinese traders, investment firms, and industrial leaders. Additionally, he will engage in discussions with Chinese authorities to explore potential areas of collaboration in agriculture and information technology.

An official statement has emphasized the mission’s objective, which is to identify opportunities for mutual growth and partnership between Punjab and China.

“Through this visit to China, we aim to improve facilities for the people of Punjab,” stated Mohsen Naqvi before his departure on Sunday.

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