New Delhi, India, to Implement Vehicle Restrictions in Efforts to Combat Air Pollution, Says Minister

The Environment Minister of India’s New Delhi announced on Monday that the city will impose restrictions on vehicle usage for a week from November 13 to 20 in a bid to combat air pollution. This decision comes as the city’s air quality remains in the “severe” category despite ongoing mitigation measures.

Under this rule, vehicles with odd-numbered plates will be permitted to operate on odd-numbered dates, while those with even-numbered registrations will be allowed on the road on alternate days.

New Delhi consistently ranks as one of the world’s most polluted cities each year, particularly as winter approaches in November. During this period, calm winds and low temperatures trap pollutants emitted from various sources.

According to the federal pollution control authority, the city’s air quality remained ‘severe’ for the third consecutive day on Monday, leading the city government to extend the closure of primary schools until November 10.

Gopal Rai, Delhi’s Environment Minister, expressed concerns about a potential rise in air pollution following the Diwali festival on November 12. During Diwali, despite being banned, firecrackers are often ignited, exacerbating air pollution.

On Monday, a cricket World Cup match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh proceeded in the city, with organizers taking measures such as installing air purifiers in the players’ dressing rooms and using water sprinklers to reduce air pollutants.

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