Michael Vaughan predicts Pakistan’s success in the 2024 T20 World Cup

In a recent local podcast, former England captain Michael Vaughan made a bold forecast, envisioning Pakistan emerging as the potential victors of the upcoming T20 World Cup in 2024.

While acknowledging the prevailing challenges and turmoil within Pakistan cricket, Vaughan displayed steadfast faith in the team’s abilities.

Within the podcast discussion, Vaughan pointed out the significant changes taking place within the Pakistani cricket framework, particularly highlighting Mohammad Hafeez’s appointment as the director and head coach.

Vaughan praised Hafeez’s dual role and expressed hope regarding its positive influence on the team.

“An entirely new team has been assembled. My friend Mohammad Hafeez has assumed the roles of director and head coach, overseeing the operations, which is remarkable,” Vaughan commented, shedding light on the team’s leadership structure.

Wahab Riaz, serving as the Chairman of selectors, also captured Vaughan’s attention.

The former England captain acknowledged Riaz’s continuous involvement in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) and commended his dual responsibilities as a selector and player. Vaughan particularly highlighted Riaz’s experience as captain in the PSL, underscoring the significance of his appointment.

“The Chairman of selectors is now Wahab Riaz, and I observe his ongoing participation in the Pakistan Super League (PSL). What I find impressive about his appointment is his previous captaincy role in the PSL, which was held by Babar Azam, the one who was replaced,” Vaughan elaborated.

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