Large-Scale Irregularities Uncovered in Ministry of Science and Technology

Islamabad: Startling revelations of large-scale irregularities have emerged from the Ministry of Science and Technology, drawing serious concerns. Federal Science Minister Agha Hassan Baloch is being accused of favoritism, allegedly showing undue support to officers involved in corruption and record tampering. Shockingly, these officers have been appointed to four high-ranking positions within the ministry.

The controversy escalated when the minister attempted to appoint Dr. Hafeezullah as the Chairman of the Science Foundation, leading to a confrontation between the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Pakistan Science Foundation. The appointment is suspected to be in direct violation of established rules and regulations.

According to reliable sources, Chairman Science Foundation Dr. Shahid Baig has refused to step down from his post. Sources claim that the Ministry of Science does not have the authority to appoint Member Science, as this position is rightfully designated for the most senior officer. Only the Prime Minister holds the authority to appoint the Science Foundation Chairman.

Moreover, concerns have been raised about Dr. Hafeezullah’s multiple key positions, including DG PSQCA and Secretary PCST. His appointment as a grade 20 officer on the MP1 scale in PSQCA is considered to be a breach of the rules. Furthermore, allegations suggest that while serving as Secretary, he is exerting undue influence over PCST and handling recruitment matters in both institutions.

The situation has sparked severe anxiety among senior officers within the ministry, leading to a tense environment. The Federal Minister and Secretary Science assigned responsibilities to an officer, despite an ongoing recruitment process that was meant to be completed. In defense of the appointments, Director-to-Minister Umar Qureshi insists that they are in compliance with the rules and regulations. He also emphasizes that the media’s role is not to question appointments but rather to allow the ongoing recruitment process in the ministry to proceed.

It is important to note that Dr. Hafeezullah and Haider Zaman were dismissed in 2016 due to corruption and record tampering. Both individuals were dismissed by the Science Foundation Board following a thorough inquiry. However, in 2021, the Science Foundation’s incomplete board controversially reinstated them, raising further questions about the integrity of the ministry’s decision-making processes.

The matter continues to be under intense scrutiny by the public and relevant authorities, as the issue of irregularities within the Ministry of Science and Technology unfolds.

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