Kyrgyzstan keen to expand ties with Pakistan: ambassador

ISLAMABAD: The Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan Olanbek Totuiaev has said on August 31, 1991 Kyrgyzstan gained its independence and nowadays is on the path of pursuing sustainable development goals, implementing significant reforms and taking steps for growth in all spheres.

Kyrgyzstan is comparatively young country, but the history of the Kyrgyz nation lasts for more than 3000 years. Our nation within this long period has achieved lots of successes, as well as periods of decline. As one of the most outstanding of them, I can point out the creation of the great Kyrgyz Khaganate.

He made these remarks while speaking on the occasion of the Independence Day of Kyrgyzstan. Federal Minister for Culture Jamal Shah was the chief guest.

The ambassador further said, today Kyrgyzstan is actively developing state, which is intending to build strong interconnections with its foreign partners, create stable and prosperous economy and grow its value on the international arena. The legislation of my country is being permanently modernized, we are adopting new initiatives and actively implementing digital technologies in all spheres in order to grow the efficiency of all interstate processes.

‘My country is following the path of multivectoral foreign policy, aimed to develop mutually beneficial relations with all its international partners. We are interested in building fruitful partnership with all nations, especially in terms of people-to-people contacts, as well as cultural and humanitarian linkages’.

He said, Kyrgyzstan today is actively developing project on construction of railway connection “China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan”. This initiative will contribute to the increase of the level of connectivity in our region.

He added, Kyrgyz people are looking forward to strengthen ties with brotherly people of Pakistan, taking into account deep common history, single religion and numerous cultural similarities.

The bilateral relations between Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan are described as friendly, also have a rich history and many things in common from the perspective of religion, culture, language and traditions.

For the last years our countries have organized significant number of visits on different levels, are actively cooperating within the framework of various regional and international organizations.

I am confident that by our joint efforts, we can build prosperous and developed region for the future of our nations.

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