King Faisal wouldn’t hesitate to call for a boycott of Europe and America

In this latest war between Palestine and Israel, the Middle East superpower, 8Israel and the Palestinian Authority, who have been trapped in the Gaza Strip for 16 years, are continuing their war for independence. The United Nations Commission said in its statement that Israel is committing war crimes by cutting off food and water to 2.2 million people in Gaza. Since Israel established Israel by illegally occupying Arab lands, this country is illegal.
Through United Nations Resolution No. 242, Israel is ordered to vacate the occupied territories, but it has not done so. Nor did the United Nations take military action like Kuwait, so the Arabs have the legal right to take their land. Attacks by Hamas are absolutely justified for the freedom of Palestine, even if Hamas wipes out Israel completely in order to obtain its homeland, the United States has violated international law by sending its fleet against Palestine. Because until the Security Council approves a treaty, no country can conduct war like this. Russia and O. I .C Should present a resolution against the United States, Turkey can deliver aid and food items to the Palestinians from Cyprus in the Mediterranean.
Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Qatar, Iran have expressed their solidarity with Palestine. The Prime Minister of Great Britain informed the Muslims of his intention by making a statement in favor of Israel. The Arabs ended their economic relations with Europe and America for supporting Israel in the Israeli war. When the Arabs cut off the oil, the livelihoods of America and Europe were destroyed.
Today, if Muslims dare to cut off the oil and gas of Europe and the United States like Russia, then they will lose their minds. closed the gas and also closed the dollar and euro business. If the United States has an invincible fleet, then Qatar, Iran and Saudi Arabia have more than sixty percent of the world’s oil and gas reserves. These weapons are fleets. are bigger than because these fleets also run on oil. This time, will someone like Shah Faisal in 1973, in solidarity with the Palestinians, boycott the trade of America and Europe?

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