Bollywood top celebrities Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal, for whom the ViKat has become the new portmanteau by their fans, look forward to get hitched on December 9, and the arrangements are going in full swing.

A local media report said that several Dharamshalas (public shelter) have been booked for the bouncers and security personnel to stay in.

One such dharamshala manager told media that as many as five halls and about 27 rooms are booked from December 4-10 by an events company from Mumbai that will roughly accommodate 150 people, while the principal event is set to occur in the Six Senses Fort, Barwara.

Around 100 bouncers working for the Rajasthan Polic have been hired from Jaipur.

The same event company has booked 30 rooms and five big halls of another dharamshala as well from Dec 5- to 10. The local reportage also suggests that other hotels are also booked.

One such media outlet said Kaif’s mehendi is coming from Sojat, Rajasthan, which will be complemented by Kaushal’s grand entry on seven white horses.

There’s also another twist in the story of the wedding, as a special instruction for guest car stickers for guests attending the wedding has been issued ahead of the nuptials on Thursday.

All guests have to carry their complete vaccination certificate and a negative RT-PCR report while their cars have to have the stickers to get an entry, according to District Collector Rajendra Kishan.

While the ViKat duo has been spotted and papped together at several events and occasions, they have yet to make an official statement on their wedding.

Recently, Katrina made an appearance at a special screening of Vicky-starrer ‘Sardar Udham’.

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