India has become an international terrorist country

Thus, India used to invade and terrorize neighboring countries, but since Narendra Modi’s government came, the continent has been advancing towards Hindu Tawa. In order to implement this, it has made it impossible for the minorities to live in the country, due to which the minorities are migrating to other countries considering themselves unsafe. Indian army is gang-raping Kashmiri women. In recent days, in the Indian state of Manipur, RSS goons raped Christian women in public markets. Stripped and then brutally killed some, which was also mentioned by the international media.

During the American occupation in Afghanistan, India had established more than two hundred so-called consulates near the border of Pakistan, in which “RA” Agents used to sit and carry out terrorist activities on the western border of Pakistan, due to which thousands of people died in Pakistan. In order to end these activities, the intelligence of Pakistan captured Indian serving navy officer involved in these terrorist activities from Baluchistan province of Pakistan. Colonel Kulbhushan Yadav was arrested, who is still in Pakistani jail. Pakistan told the international community that they were Indian terrorists. In 2021, India found in terrorism in Lahore, which was found by Pakistan intelligence gency. Last weak, in Canada , KhalistanTiger Force President Hardeep Singh was brutally murdered by a diplomat stationed in Canada who was the head of the Indian intelligence agency RA. Evidence of which was found by the Canadian agency. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau protested and expelled the Indian diplomat to the country.

The Modi government is not tolerating the Sikhs, so they have been demanding their own separate country and are trying for it. Since the Canadian intelligence agency has found evidence of the killing of Canadian citizen Hardeep Singh Najjar, in which India has been found involved. The Sikh community is also present in other countries of Europe, it is possible that India will continue its terrorist activities there as well. To stop them, the United Nations should declare India a terrorist country and impose trade restrictions on it.

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