Government Launched WhatsApp Alternative App “Beep Pakistan”

Federal Minister for Information Technology (IT) Syed Amin Ul Haque launched ‘Beep Pakistan’ on Monday, a WhatsApp alternative.

“This day marks an important milestone for Pakistan’s IT industry, as we are launching Beep Pakistan, the country’s first communication app, on a 30-day trial run,” remarked Haque at the unveiling.

In the first phase, the app will be utilized for the Ministry of IT and Communication and NITB internal communication.

The second step will extend the app to all government departments. The app would be available to Pakistanis in the third phase.”

In India and Bangladesh, WhatsApp alternatives have been launched, the minister said.

“We were late, but it’s better to be late than never,” he said.

The minister claimed the software can share data, and make voice, video, and conference calls.

He said, “The biggest advantage of this app is that its server and source code will be in Pakistan, making it 100% safe and secure.”

Haque added “We can now proudly say Pakistan possesses a WhatsApp alternative” thanks to NITB.

The ministry has initiated 83 projects worth Rs77 billion in Pakistan in the last 3.5 years. “We have targeted second-and third-tier cities to improve connectivity,” he stated.

Over 3.3 million children have learned digital skills from the Ministry of IT, according to Haque.

He said three more National Incubation Centers (NIC) were formed during our tenure.

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