Weekly inflation surges to 37.07%

The looming threat of inflation has further tightened its hold on the economy, with the latest report from the Federal Bureau of Statistics revealing a dramatic surge in the weekly inflation rate, jumping from a mere 0.11 percent to a staggering 37.07 percent.

Several essential commodities witnessed significant price increases, including tomatoes, onions, garlic, potatoes, and eggs, all of which are kitchen staples for many households. Moreover, bulk meat and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) also experienced price hikes, placing an additional financial burden on consumers.

On a more positive note, there was some relief in sight as the prices of chicken, pulses, jaggery, wheat flour, and ghee all became more affordable.

Additionally, the report indicated a decrease in diesel and petrol prices, offering some respite for motorists and businesses reliant on fuel.

While the turbulence in commodity prices was evident, it is worth noting that the prices of sixteen essential items remained unchanged.

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