A few days ago I was present in the Senate session, where every party was bringing amendments to the Transgender Bill, because the Transgender Bill was gaining popularity among people and they wanted it to be cashed for upcoming elections but nature is thinking something else. Haripur is far from the federal capital, but it is close to the hills of Margalla and these hills serve as the border between Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the federal capital.
The prayer of a dervaish in Haripur’s Mauza Dervaish shouted and knocked at my door. Tahir Mehmood, a resident of Mouza Darvaish, has 05 daughters. Tahir Mehmood was worried that he had no son. He used to pray to God to give him a son, but no son was born in his house, so strange changes begin to occur in his second eldest daughter. Parents understand this change similarly, the daughter is taken to Khla Butt’s local hospital, where the daughter called Kashf, begins her treatment and after some time, little Kashf turned into Ibrahim due to hormonal change, according to the doctors. This is an act of nature, now Ibrahim is registered on Form “B” of NADRAas a complete boy. The incident has raised questions about the Transgender Bill, the Parliament and the thinking of those parties who want to take back their rights from transgenders. What is happening in Parliament?

Transgender community, who are called Khawajasara, Khansa؛ Mukhanis in our society, they are considered as the weakest section of our society, because these poor people are rejected from childhood, their parents do not accept them due to arrogant behavior of society. After 70 years of the establishment of Pakistan, the transgender community got legal rights in 2018 from the Parliament of Pakistan or say it got recognition and at that time six amendments in this law by different parties are worth considering and most of the amendments are by religious parties. While a religious party, Tehreek-e-Labik Pakistan, has even said that if this law is not withdrawn, Faizabad will be targeted once again through massive outrage. On the other hand, Jamiat Tulbae Islam, which had earlier helped to return this bill and whose names were included, also reached the Shariat Court to amend this law, Jamaat-e-Islami, which was part of the government at that time, also reached with the amendment. These are all the parties which were silent during the previous legislation and 04 years later came to block the rights of the oppressed class that amendments should be made and the most important amendment in the amendments is that no one can change their gender because it Homosexuality will increase. But God has something else in mind. He knows that these parties are tricking the society.

The incident of Kashf has sent a new wave to our society as well as to the ministers and members sitting in the parliament that do not interfere in the system of nature, it is the work of nature to make one’s sex, and if one can be cured by treatment. If so, don’t interfere in it, this amendment has been opposed in many sections, while the second amendment that the KhansaWoman is also respected, will she be naked in front of the medical board? Do other normal women also get naked in front of a medical board to identify themselves? These are very tough questions and tough tests that have troubled our society, as well as the judiciary and parliament, but the answer to these amendments lies in the discovery of Kashf’s incident that God is thinking something else. God wants this oppressed class to get rights too. But there are still more amendments coming here, all are in favor of the idea of changing the bill that has already been passed, but this idea seems to be against God’s thinking.
Now the Chairman of the Human Rights Committee, Dr. Waleed Iqbal, has also said that he will make amendments in the already passed Transgender Bill 2018, as the members will say, because he is afraid of those who stage Dharna at Faizabad and the governments bends in front of them. We become helpless, maybe we are afraid of all these powers, we are not afraid of God, but God is thinking of something else.

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