Gaza and Ukraine Expose Biden’s Dirty Agendas

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 22, the US and its western allies have orchestrated a global response, emphasizing accusations of genocide and war crimes committed by Russia. President Biden and the top brass of his administration have been decrying to bring attention to the devastation in Ukraine. Western leaders have depicted Mr. Zelenskyy as a superhero who tried to bluff the whole world with his olive attire. However, it is Zelenskyy who is being used by the Biden administration to drag Russia into this war. After two years of this conflict, unfortunate Ukrainians have suffered around 10,000 deaths, including 560 children. Defying the commitment not to expand NATO Eastward, Zelenskyy compelled Mr. Putin to attack Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Israel launched an all-out offensive against Palestine, triggered by the Hamas October, 07 raid on Israel. After four months of Israel’s continuous indiscriminate bombardment in Gaza, at least 27,000 deaths occurred, with 70% of the casualties being women and children officially. In reality, casualties are higher due to the complete destruction of infrastructures where bodies under the debris could not be recovered. According to the United Nations, destruction in Gaza against civilian life and structures has exceeded all levels since World War II. In the name of chasing Hamas fighters, Israel is essentially committing textbook ethnic cleansing. Interestingly, Mr. Biden’s stance and blatant support for Israel make him a dubious character in front of the world.

The Biden administration provoked the Ukraine war with Russia. Zelenskyy came to power in 2014 through Western support and immediately started efforts to integrate Ukraine into the EU. Since Ukraine lies within Russia’s sphere of influence, Russia opposed it, leading to the conflict. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin inadvertently exposed a broader, dishonorable motive for the proxy war during his visit to Poland in April 2022. He said that Washington’s goal was not only to help Ukraine repel Russia’s invasion but also to ‘weaken Russia’ to the point that it could no longer pose a threat to any other country. However, there is little regard for the impact on the suffering inhabitants of the country serving as a battleground for the proxy war and surprisingly little concern for the wider geopolitical implications. It is simply to harass and bleed Washington’s rival while boosting the depleted US economy through the military-industrial complex.

Yet, the Biden administration consistently justified Israel’s atrocities and complete destruction efforts in Gaza. The world is witnessing the Biden administration’s ruthless behavior not only in supplying weapons but also in using its veto power in the UNSC to foil ceasefire bids for Israel. With every day that Israel’s unlawful bombardment on Gaza continues, new estimates suggest tens of thousands of Palestinians dead. Furthermore, Biden assured Netanyahu that Washington would support Israel until it could completely destroy Hamas. Ironically, neither the US nor Israel reports the figure of killed Hamas fighters.

The United States and its cohort, Israel, display a deeply racist attitude towards Palestine, contradicting their advocacy for human rights, free speech, representative government, the right to self-determination, and respect for diversity. The Biden administration’s concern about democracy worldwide is become a farce. They have exhibited over-enthusiastic promptness regarding democracy in Bangladesh, but their silence has confused the whole world about Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. The Zionist state, Israel, has used forceful expulsion of Palestinians and annexing their territories, yet the USA refrains from condemning Israel. Instead, the USA and its Western allies remain silent and boost Israel’s discriminatory practices against Palestinians.

Moreover, when the whole world sought a permanent ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, the Biden administration blatantly lied in front of world leaders, coming up with the funny excuse that humanitarian activities would help Hamas regroup. This claim is considered the joke of the century. Even in conventional wars, the Geneva Conventions ensure humanitarian works for non-combatants in affected areas, but in Gaza, it was completely ignored. Even Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu opposed the ceasefire deal and ignored the humanitarian assistance bid. Israeli Defense Minister pledged to starve the Palestinians of Gaza, calling them “human animals.”

From history, it is evident that the supremacy of the West, especially the USA, is descending, resembling the fall of the USSR. Symptoms are already exposing themselves, such as after the USSR’s defeat in Afghanistan, its economy and military power were questioned. Federal states lost hope and aspired to be independent. Moreover, the Chernobyl disaster explicitly exposed the disarray of internal management. Ominous signs are already sighted in the USA during the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic has exposed the mismanagement of the USA’s internal system. Another, debacle for the USA and its Western allies in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria has caused tremendous economic setbacks for the USA. Internal political rifts in the USA are widening more than ever before. The allies of the USA now contradict on many issues, such as arbitrary military or economic punitive measures or tilting towards Russia and China.

Recent events in Bangladesh can be a burning example to question the USA’s supremacy. Biden’s dirty politics are exposed, showing that they only pretend to use liberal values and democracy as a bulwark to cover their narrow interests. The great American author Noam Chomsky once said, “For the powerful, crimes are those that others commit.” That is the primary principle by which the West has maintained its supremacy. It is time for the USA to uphold justice and humanity globally; otherwise, political bankruptcy can only lead to a mirage.

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