Furiated Drops of Monsoon & Gilgit Baltistan by Abid Ali

Bathing in the rain has its own fun, the cool raindrops give a feeling of new life. But very few people know that monsoon rains are not cold as westerly systems, otherwise it cannot go above a certain height, due to which the freshwater reserves in our north are safe. If these rains reach the high mountains of Gilgit-Baltistan, it will wreak havoc. But why and how? This is a very important question that if it has not rained for such a long time then it will not rain but this time it is not normal. Monsoon is also angry this time because man has become the enemy of his mother earth. In such a case rain can take revenge of the land but how?

This is a very technical issue and the question arises as to why the monsoon rains will cross thousands of feet high mountains and reach Gilgit-Baltistan and damage the glaciers. In such a situation I interviewed Dr. Ghulam Rasool, former Director General of Meteorological Department who is also my friend. So, he said, a model is used to find out the effects of rain on the mountains, which is called Orography in technical language. This time the effects of Orography will be more compact. The reason for this is that there is a difference in the temperature of the earth and the sea. At present the temperature of the sea is going between 26 and 28 degrees while the temperature of the earth is going above 40.

The source of the monsoon winds that bring rain is the ocean so the wind that blows from the sea and when it hits the mountains will form very thick clouds at the height which will cause heavy rain while also the speed of these winds. It will accelerate and because of this it will go to a considerable height after hitting the mountains. In this case, Gilgit-Baltistan can also reach. And if a westerly wind blew with them, it would cause a lot of problems for the local population.

Earlier, only 2 mm of monsoon rains had reached Chitral in 2015, causing severe destruction in Chitral as the melting process in the glaciers had accelerated and small lakes in them had burst and flooded. But how do glaciers melt with these rains? It is raining and it is raining. This question will surely come to your mind but let me tell you that monsoon rain drops are poison for these glaciers and I pray to Allah Almighty to forgive our mistakes because of the high temperature at this time in the northern region. The condition of the glaciers in Jat is very bad. The number of glacial lakes has increased. A powerful spill will cause catastrophe in Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral

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