Escalating Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

Today, more than ten days will pass since the Israeli-Palestinian war. By this time, three thousand Palestinians have been martyred, ten thousand children, women have been injured. Israel has cut off water, electricity, and food supplies in Gaza. That is a huge war crime. International organizations have informed. Israel is bent on starving the Palestinians. The water and medicine crisis in Gaza has intensified. Until now, Israel has bombed Gaza with half a nuclear bomb. Gaza is currently showing a scene of ruins. The people of Gaza have been under Israeli siege for the past 16 years and have not been allowed to leave. They are unemployed and living a life of persuasion. Muslims and the United Nations have also forgotten them. Muslims have started to develop relations with Israel. These include Morocco, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.
Saudi Arabia also started dialogue with Israel to develop relation But the Muslim Ummah is dependent on Saudi Arabia very much. In these circumstances, the Palestinians thought that the world was ignoring our rights, so they made their presence felt and attacked Israel for their rights. Israel continued to settle in Arab areas despite the Camp David and Oslo agreements. All these agreements testify to an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. This is the negligence of the 7international organizations that decided the agreements. But there was no pressure on Israel to act, but it was given free rein.
These deaths can go up to 10,000 and the number of injured can go up to 100,000. On the same day the war started, hypocritical America sent its two fleets to help Israel. Britain also sent ships in support of Israel. Several American ships flew from the fleet and bombarded the Gaza Strip. Now Syria and Lebanon’s Hezbollah has launched light attacks on Israel
Israel has delivered several hundred tanks to the edge of Gaza. Hamas may have little weapons. They fought bravely. After all, winning with such a large military force will be no less than a miracle. Muslims are making light statements against Israel. But unable to make any bold statement. Foodstuffs are being delivered from Egypt through Rafah border. Israel believes that it wants to occupy Gaza by killing or evacuating all Palestinians.

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