Cosmic Views for February 2021

The cosmic views for February 2021 reveal how the world is changing, and it’s happening from the inside out.

When this pandemic begins to fade, you may discover that your goals and ideals are different. With distractions removed, you’ve had a chance to see your life in a complete picture, that is, what’s missing and what has been ignored.

The month begins with The Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, joined by Venus, Mercury, and the Sun. Aquarius rules friends, groups, and humanitarian efforts. This conjunction, which only happens every twenty years, is the forerunner of change. Be prepared for innovation and a greater focus on community and humanitarian efforts.

Unfortunately, Mars and Uranus are still conjunct and in square to the five planets in Aquarius. Mars rules vision and the ability to cut through confusion and differences to the truth. It also carries with it anger and rebellion, especially when it’s near Uranus. Dreams and goals are being reshaped. For the first few days of the month, the Moon in Libra brings harmony as it makes a trine to the five Aquarius planets.

A sense of unity prevails as we struggle for a new balance and innovative resolutions to our problems. Pluto remains in Capricorn and continues to probe deeper into hidden fears that challenge you. Take a moment to redefine what’s important. Mercury is retrograde until the 21st in Aquarius, and once you’re tired of rehashing the past, you will look to the future.

The Full Moon on the 27th in Virgo brings work issues to a head. The cosmic views for February 2021 suggest we will have a surrealistic month as we move from the old into the new. The fog will gradually clear if you just keep advancing one sure foot at a time.

As an Aries, you’ve been angry for some time. This month doesn’t help. Not only is Mars still conjunct Uranus, but it makes a square to Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and the Sun. Right now, everything and everyone upset you. The universe is not out to get you.

You navigated the waters that brought you to this place, and you can get out of it by just continuing to move forward. Get past your anger that life isn’t fair, it may not seem so, but there is a lesson in the experience. Take responsibility for where you are, and you’ll find a new path. For now, change is inevitable. Eventually, you’ll see it as a gift. Reach out to friends, they can be great support now, and some may offer good advice.

When it comes to working, that’s changing too. If you have a job, be grateful and do the work without complaining. Life is not perfect, and that’s okay. It’s time for a new vision. The Jupiter Sun conjunction gives you strength and the perseverance to get done what you believe is important. When it comes to your finances, you may be angry at yourself for spending on what’s not important.

Tough times are good teachers. Remind yourself that you’re a visionary. Allow yourself to imagine new opportunities. Neptune in your 12th house keeps your fantasies strong as well as your faith. You know you’re meant for something special, so don’t give up until you get it.

If you’re in a relationship, you or your partner feel isolated. You can’t solve anything if you don’t talk. If you’re single, you will also feel isolated, but it won’t last forever, so have patience.

Taurus brings more than desire this month. It’s a sign of action. With both Uranus and Mars together in your sign, change is inevitable, especially on how you make a living. You have a vision, and you want to manifest it. Yes, there will be challenges, but that’s the only way humans learn. If it’s too easy, lessons are lost. What’s important now is what makes you unique.

You’re beginning to listen to your own instincts, and they’re taking you down a new path. Whatever the results are, the experience gives you renewed confidence. And that’s the key to success. Not always focused on the practical side of life, you’re beginning to value its presence. Saturn in Aquarius, in Square to your Sun, encourages you to set boundaries with yourself and focus on the bigger picture. It will pay off.

Your love of “winging it” is finally being put in its place. A schedule is empowering and productive. You’re not afraid to start anything. It’s the commitment to finish that has been missing in the past. However, when you prepare and think things through, suddenly getting the job done is not so difficult.

With Neptune in your 12th house, you’re feeling a pull to turn inward. There’s a strong spiritual element to your personality, and it needs your attention. Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius and goes direct on the 21st. Be prepared for old friends to call or just show up. The Full Moon on the 27th is in Virgo, and you’ll have to deal with a crisis at work – it’s probably nothing more than being overwhelmed by your schedule.

If you’re in a relationship, it’s not peaceful. Old issues will arise. If you’re single, it’s time to reconnect with an old love. Maybe you’ve changed enough to see someone in a new light.

As a Gemini, the focus of the powerful Saturn Jupiter conjunction is on your 9th house of travel, truth, and ideals. Do your values and goals truly define and support you? Take a moment to reflect on how much you have changed. If you have, then everything else in your life needs tweaking.

Your gift and curse are a strong sense of idealism and fantasy. Your desire for perfection can get in the way of your joy. Learn to appreciate what is, rather than what you want it to be. It’s the path to true happiness. Faith is essential when you face the unknown.

Without a belief in something greater than yourself, life is a burden, and the weights get heavier every year. Don’t tackle anything difficult from the 3rd to the 5th. The Mars Uranus square to Jupiter and Saturn is joined by the Moon, and your emotions are challenged. Learn to detach and not focus on the problems of others.

Change is happening, but it’s out of your control. Your power comes from how you respond, not what you initiate. Be present and meet the moment with an open mind and heart. Mercury is retrograde and turns direct on the 21st. The feeling of being stuck will begin to disappear. Mars and Uranus in Taurus and your 12th house, stir up whatever you’ve been repressing.

Try not to get too angry at what you can’t control. The challenge is to choose what you get entangled with and not let it choose you.

If you’re in a relationship, the Sun Jupiter conjunction gives you both strength and endurance to get through any difficulties. If you’re single, you may meet a very supportive person who touches your heart. You’ll know if it’s real.

Cancers have a soft and tender inner world, even if they have a sharp tongue when they open their mouth. In fact, they make great comediennes because they see contrasting realities, and they bring them to our attention with humor. Mars and Uranus are conjunct in your 11th house of friends.

Don’t be surprised if a few friends are either angry or crazy for the first two weeks of the month. The eleventh house is also the home of your uniqueness, or what makes you special. This is a good time to see what makes you different. Honor it.

Others may anger you now, so remove yourself rather than get in a fight you may regret. The moment is demanding, so remind yourself you have the choice to say yes or no. Do what you can and let go of the rest. Mercury is retrograde until the 21st, and it’s happening in Aquarius, the sign of friendships and humanitarian endeavors. Focus on getting rid of old issues, get them off your agenda list.

With Venus square Mars there’s a lack of unity and connection, making you feel more alone. It won’t last long, but it’s there to show you what you’re not paying attention to. Nice people have a shadow side, and so do you. No one is perfect, and this is the time for patience and understanding. The first week of the month is the most challenging. Remind yourself that obstacles make you strong.

If you’re in a relationship, your partner feels free and in touch with themselves. It lightens your load. If you’re single, you’re about to be attracted to someone different, which may surprise you. Go with your feelings. They’re telling you something about yourself.

Leos face a battle of authority. With Mars and Uranus in your 10th house of career in square to the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus, there is not much that is not upsetting or in your way. Relationships, in general, are difficult now. You’re not getting the attention you need, so learn how to validate yourself. When you’re angry, you feel falsely empowered. When it passes, your insecurities return.

Change and compromise, so important now, are not easy for you. They make you feel vulnerable. And besides, in your mind, you’re right. Remind yourself that perfection is a state of becoming, not an actuality. Accept what is offered and work to turn it into your vision. Your advancement this month depends on how well you get along with those you must work with. Keep that in mind when you disagree, find a way to move forward.

Venus, a ruler of your 10th house, is square Uranus for the first half of the month. Things at work are changing with or without your consent. The Sun Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius enhances your sense of individuality and independence. If you’re thinking of going into business for yourself, do so. You were never meant to have a boss. Mercury is retrograde until the 21st, and it’s stirring up old issues and relationships. People from your past may show up.

Financial issues also get your attention. It’s all about adjustments, not real problems.

If you’re in a relationship, your partner is not cooperative, probably because they’re angry. Give them room to vent. If you’re single, you have a lot of new and old souls to choose from. However, for now, your independence is more important than finding the right partner.

Virgo rules health and your work schedule. What you put into your body influences the energy you have and the work you do. If you have a purpose that inspires you, then spiritually, you feel empowered. The five planets in Aquarius are in your 6th house of work. Yes, you’re going to be busy.

However, whatever you do will meet opposition. The Mars Uranus conjunction in your 9th house is square of those Aquarian planets. Those in authority may not agree with what you do. Have patience. If you do, their anger will pass, and you’ll be able to negotiate.

Mercury is retrograde until the 21st. Mercury rules your 10th house of career and your ascendant, which is you. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself dealing with past or old issues. Long lost relationships may emerge and reconnect. Old projects may get support. As Mercury goes direct, it conjuncts Jupiter, the planet of expansion. Don’t dismiss the new ideas that arise without request.

They’re paving the way for new opportunities and paths. With Mars conjunct Uranus in your 9th house, you feel angry or annoyed at what you don’t understand or think is important. If it’s on your plate, take a look, it’s there for a reason. The Full Moon on the 27th in your sign makes a trine to Uranus and Mars. Expect the unexpected and be prepared to go with the flow.

There are some gifts in the chaos, so keep your center. Relationships, for the moment, are a bit isolated. Not surprising, considering the times. However, it’s important to stay connected in as many ways as you can. If you’re in a relationship, be there for each other, make the time.

If you’re single, it’s definitely not the right moment to meet new people. Take the time to reconnect with yourself.

Libras are the bearers of truth. Even the souls that try to avoid it don’t escape the harsh reality that sticks to them like glue. The truth endures, lies seduce, it’s up to you to choose the right path. The Grand Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter brings strength and change to your 5th house of children and authority.

This is where you are asked to stand up for what you believe in, to take your place at the center of your truth. When you do, everything falls into place. The fear is that if you own your differences, others won’t like you or approve of who you are.

On the contrary, the people who make their mark on the world are the souls that have confidence in their beliefs. They show the rest of us the way. Mercury goes direct on the 21st and ends the conflict of new vs. old. When it’s retrograde unfinished business from the past reemerges. With Neptune isolated in the 6th house of work, you’re concentrating on a singular project or not happening in this area. It won’t stay this way for long. Mars conjunct Uranus in your 8th house is pushing for you to make a few changes in your life.

The square they make to the five planets in Aquarius challenge you to see new paths and options. If you’re in a relationship, be careful not to take your anger and frustration out on your partner. Take a run in the park, scream in the shower, but don’t attack someone innocent just because you’re frustrated.

If you’re single, it’s not easy to have a peaceful relationship for now. If you want to share your frustrations, it is one way to bond.

Scorpio energy is all or nothing. When you feel a lack of control, you’re upset. With the pandemic, no one is in control, so learning to go with the flow is the present challenge. It happens to be a life lesson, one you’ll struggle with until your last breath.

With Saturn and Jupiter in your 4th house of the home, you are confronting yourself, or that part of you that you seldom share. To move forward and grow, you must move away from the past and accept where you are. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It is what it is. Adapt, adjust, and you’ll discover real power. With the square from Mars and Uranus in your 7th house of relationships, in square to Jupiter Saturn, Venus, and the Sun, you may erroneously blame everything you don’t like on others.

Blaming others will not make the problem disappear. Anger has been bottling up for weeks, and it’s difficult to function without getting angry. However, anger will only make things worse. Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius and your 4th house of the home, and it goes direct on the 21st.

Take the time to examine your old wounds and then make a choice. Is it really worth hanging on to the past? Isn’t it better to create a new future? The New Moon in your 4th house on the 11th brings a new beginning to this challenging area of your life.

The Full Moon on the 27th in Virgo and your 11th house brings friendships and groups to your attention. If you’re having trouble with a friend, it may come to a head.

If you’re in a relationship, it’s not easy. At the moment, you’re getting angry without much provocation. No one listens when you’re angry. If you’re single, be grateful you only have to cope with your own aggravation.

Sagittarius is the quest for truth. However, you must be ready to receive it. The truth challenges fantasies, the ones that help you avoid what you don’t want to see or know.

If you want to be strong, open yourself up to what is reliable. Build on the truth, and you’ll get past the storms of life. Jupiter, your ruler, is conjunct Saturn, and together they are planting the seeds of change. A whole new vision of the world is about to burst forth.

The energy that is embraced is Aquarian in nature, which means humanitarian causes, friendships, and community. What we’ve learned is that in difficult times we need each other. With Aquarius ruling your 3rd house of communication, this is an area of your life that will be emphasized. Your ideas need to be heard.

With Mars and Uranus in your sixth house of work, your schedule is not something you can count on. Whatever work you’re doing has a feeling of uncertainty about it. It doesn’t mean you won’t work. It means you won’t have a set schedule. Don’t get angry. Get resourceful. When your mind is clear, you’ll find a solution. Don’t take on the problems of others. Find your position and hold on to it.

With Neptune in your 4th house, opposite the Moon at the beginning of the month, your instincts are strong. Listen to them. Don’t isolate yourself. It’s important to be around others and be challenged healthily.

With Mercury retrograde, going direct on the 21st, you will find a degree of order. If you’re in a relationship, old wounds may return to center stage. Don’t get stuck in the past if you want to move forward.

If you’re single, you could reach out to an old relationship. It’s your choice. Just remind yourself of the reason you drifted apart.

Capricorn is the “common sense” Sun sign. Its mission is to integrate the spiritual and the practical. They need to work together for life to reflect power and wisdom. Your inner world can work in harmony with outer expectations if you value both equally.

Saturn, your ruler, is conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius, an aspect that only happens every twenty years. It brings great change to the world. This Great Conjunction occurs in your 2nd house of values and money. Don’t be surprised if you discover a new avenue to improve your finances.

In every disaster, there is a great opportunity if you’re willing to see it. Make voluntary changes, adjust to the world that exists now. Don’t waste your energy fighting what you can’t change. Right now, it’s a struggle, but things begin to get better by the end of the month.

Aquarius is the sign of humanitarian efforts. You feel good when you make a difference. With Mars and Uranus in Taurus and your fifth house, you’re reshaping your ego identity and not letting anyone push you around. And with the Full Moon in Virgo on the 27th, don’t be surprised if you spend time reevaluating what’s important. With Mercury retrograde in Aquarius and going direct on the 21st, you may hear from an old friend from the past.

Aquarius rules your 2nd house of finance, and with Jupiter and Uranus moving through it, change is in the air. Be open to new paths and possibilities. If you’re in a relationship, the emotional dynamics of your relationship should be good. The Moon trines the Aquarian planets making you feel valued and secure.

If you’re single, it will be difficult to connect to anyone on an intimate level for the moment. Have patience. Your time will come.

Aquarius is the sign of the moment. This is where all the change is happening. With five planets in your sign, you have a lot going on. Listen and pay attention to what’s happening around you. There’s opportunity everywhere. You feel strong and powerful, and If you apply it correctly, that energy will help you achieve your goals. Saturn and Jupiter are square your 10th house of career. What you want to achieve requires change.

Don’t fight it. Get going. Everyone has to adjust to a new world. Let go of the past and move into the future. With Mars and Uranus in your 4th house of the home, you’re going through a shift from the inside out. You are a different person, even if you don’t know it yet. Some basic beliefs are in a state of change, and they’ve left you with a new vision of yourself and others.

Don’t be surprised if you’re angry. Just don’t punish yourself or anyone else for the past. Accept and move on. With Mercury retrograde and going direct on the 21st, things should start to move. You feel strong, and you’re ready to take back your life.

Your goals need reevaluation. Once that’s done, you’ll find things start to move. If you’re in a relationship, there is tension and anger all around. Don’t let it get inside of you and affect your state of mind. These are trying times, so just get through them.

If you’re single, it’s not the best time to consolidate a relationship that is not already been tested. Your time will come.

Pisces is the sign of spirit, intuition, and the unconscious. And by the way, it’s your unconscious that’s really in charge. What you have floating around in your psyche from your childhood has more influence than you realize, especially if you haven’t dealt with whatever was traumatic.

This month you have four planets in the 12th house, your house. You feel both empowered and helpless. Well, that’s the 12th house for you. It works on faith and what you believe, and it does so without your permission. The square that Saturn and Jupiter make to Uranus and Mars brings up anger and resentment. Find a healthy way to express it. Do not direct it toward innocent souls.

You are getting ready to make major changes in your life, even if you don’t know it. Pay attention to your instincts. They’re powerful now, and they will give you the info you need to move forward.

Your career will move and change quickly as Jupiter moves through Aquarius and into Pisces. The gifts of that journey will come as a surprise, nothing you can prepare for. In June, Jupiter enters Pisces, and you feel strong and empowered, ready to tackle whatever is on your path. Don’t be afraid of change. It’s part of the challenge.

And besides, the cosmic views reveal that things have to be done differently. Mercury is retrograde and goes direct on the 21st, so many things will begin to move once the energy is direct. If you’re in a relationship, you may be rehashing old issues, which is not bad if you resolve them. If you’re single, your time will come in a few months, so be patient.

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