Meghan Markle considers her future in Hollywood as opportunities in acting decline

Engaging in a strategic maneuver, Meghan Markle, the former actress and Duchess of Sussex, is reportedly exploring alternative paths in Hollywood due to uncertainties surrounding acting opportunities.

Since stepping away from her acting career following her engagement to Prince Harry in 2017, Markle is now contemplating roles behind the scenes, according to insights provided by PR expert Laura Perkes.

Perkes suggests that Markle’s acting abilities, deemed ‘dubious’ by some, might not secure her leading roles in major Hollywood films. Instead, the PR expert believes that Markle could excel in a directorial or producing capacity.

Speaking to The Mirror, Perkes commented, “She’s very good at directing others and making sure they behave in the way that she wants, so directing or producing could be a great move for her.”

The former “Suits” star is also exploring the possibility of venturing into the realm of podcasts, leveraging her experiences and contacts. After an unsuccessful attempt with Archetypes, Perkes proposes that Meghan could find success in producing and marketing podcasts or playing a strategic role in assisting independent directors and producers in pitching ideas to platforms like Netflix.

Markle and Prince Harry previously collaborated on a Netflix documentary detailing their experiences with the Royal Family, and another documenting the Invictus Games. With the rising popularity of streaming platforms, Perkes sees an opportunity for Meghan to monetize her expertise and establish a niche aligned with her strengths.

The option of relaunching her lifestyle blog, The Tig, is also under consideration, with Perkes suggesting that it could be even more successful now than before. However, the PR strategist dismisses the idea of Meghan participating in televised game shows, deeming them beneath her expertise.

A notable proposal from Perkes is for Meghan Markle to follow in the footsteps of King Charles and launch her own theater or performing arts center. This venture could involve working with underprivileged and disadvantaged children, aligning with the values and ethos of Archewell, while also serving as an olive branch to the Royal Family.

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