China designates Zhao Xing as its ambassador to Afghanistan.

Kabul: The Afghan Taliban has officially acknowledged the appointment of China’s ambassador to Afghanistan, marking China as the first country to designate an ambassador since the Taliban assumed control in August 2021.

The newly appointed Chinese ambassador, Zhao Xing, has affirmed his country’s commitment to upholding Afghanistan’s national sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity. He underscored that China would refrain from interfering in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.

In Kabul, Ambassador Zhao Xing formally presented his credentials to the Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate, Mullah Muhammad Hassan Akhund. During their meeting, they explored avenues for strengthening the bilateral relationship between Afghanistan and China.

This development signifies a noteworthy milestone, as no nation had previously recognized the Taliban-led government following their takeover last year.

Bilal Karimi, Deputy Spokesperson of the Islamic Emirate, reported that Ambassador Zhao Xing conveyed China’s eagerness to play a significant role in Afghanistan’s economic and peaceful endeavors while abstaining from involvement in the country’s internal political matters.

Political analysts regard China’s role in Afghanistan’s political and economic landscape as pivotal. Salim Paiger, a political analyst, views this as a positive step towards cementing stronger ties between China and the Islamic Emirate, reflecting China’s aspirations for a robust partnership with Afghanistan.

Kamran Aman, another political analyst, pointed out that China has maintained favorable relations with the Afghan populace and the Islamic Emirate from the outset. He considers the ambassadorial change as a routine diplomatic transition, with a more profound focus on China’s future policies concerning Afghanistan being of paramount importance.

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