Bomb Attack in Ankara: Two Suspected Terrorists Involved

ANKARA: Turkey’s interior minister announced on Sunday that two individuals, suspected of being terrorists, executed a bomb attack in front of ministry buildings in Ankara. He revealed that one of the perpetrators died in the explosion, while the other was “neutralized” by authorities.

Earlier, Turkish media had reported an explosion in the vicinity of parliamentary and ministerial buildings. Broadcasters aired scenes of debris strewn across a street near the Interior Ministry.

Officials confirmed that at least several police officers sustained injuries in the blast.

Reuters footage depicted a scene with soldiers, ambulances, fire trucks, and an armored vehicle converging near the heart of Turkey’s capital, where police had cordoned off several nearby roads.

Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya took to the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to provide information, stating that the incident occurred at 9:30 AM and resulted in two police officers sustaining minor injuries.

He detailed the events, saying, “Two individuals, suspected to be terrorists, arrived in a light commercial vehicle at the entrance gate of the General Directorate of Security of our Ministry of Internal Affairs and carried out a bomb attack.” Yerlikaya further mentioned that one of them detonated explosives, while the other was “neutralized,” a term often used to mean killed. He concluded by asserting, “Our efforts will persist until every terrorist is neutralized.”

Ankara’s chief prosecutor initiated an investigation into what was described as a terrorist attack. Authorities did not specify any particular militant group responsible.

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