Biden is striving for a cessation of Israeli assaults

The United States President, Joe Biden, has called for a halt to Israeli attacks on Palestinians, with the condition that the attacks pause temporarily to facilitate the release of hostages. It’s important to note that this cessation in attacks is specifically for the safe recovery of the hostages.

Concurrently, a group of human rights experts mandated by the UN, including the special rapporteur for the occupied Palestinian territories, has expressed their concern, stating that time is rapidly running out to prevent a potential genocide and a humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza.

In a joint statement, these experts emphasized their belief that the Palestinian people are facing a severe risk of genocide, underscoring the need for immediate action. They also called on Israel’s allies to take responsibility and act promptly to avert a disastrous course of action.

The situation in Gaza has reached a critical juncture, with a pressing need for essential provisions such as food, water, medicine, fuel, and other critical supplies, as well as looming health hazards. The statement was signed by Francesca Albanese, the special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, along with other special rapporteurs focusing on safe drinking water, food, physical and mental health, internally displaced persons, freedom of expression, and contemporary racism.

UN special rapporteurs are independent figures appointed by the Human Rights Council, and while they do not officially represent the United Nations, they report their findings to the UN as part of the council’s fact-finding and monitoring mechanisms.

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