Peaceful Protest in London Urges End to Human Rights Violations in Kashmir and Sikhs’ Plight

London: Chairman Raja Sikander Khan, representing the UK-based Kashmiri International outfit and esteemed think tank Global Pak Kashmir Supreme Council, led a peaceful demonstration in solidarity with Kashmiris and Sikhs outside the Indian High Commission. This marked the observance of India’s Independence Day as a “black day” to raise awareness about the alleged continued human rights violations in the region.

Accompanied by Raja Husnain Sultan, President of the Greater London chapter, as well as Agha Tanveer and Professor Shakeel Rehman, leaders of the political and education wings respectively, the protest garnered support from various organizations, including the Pakistan Patriotic Front represented by Chairman Ch Tariq Mahmood and Tehreek e Kashmir UK’s Rehana Ali.

In a display of unity, Kashmiri and Sikh protesters brandished banners and placards while vocalizing demands for justice. Slogans such as “India Free Kashmir and Khalistan,” “Indian Army Out of Kashmir,” and “India, Stop Human Rights Violations in Kashmir” reverberated through the demonstration.

Addressing the media, Chairman Raja Sikander Khan underlined that both Kashmiris and Sikhs have endured decades of suffering, pointing to alleged acts of genocide perpetrated by India. He emphasized that this ongoing tragedy has led to the loss of countless innocent lives, with perpetrators yet to face accountability. Raja Sikander Khan further highlighted that the curbing of fundamental rights to self-determination for Kashmiris and Sikhs constitutes a violation of the United Nations declaration of human rights.

Appealing to the international community, Raja Sikander Khan urged concerted efforts to intervene and exert pressure on India to halt the alleged human rights violations in the region. He stressed the significance of granting the birthright of self-determination to Kashmiris and Sikhs, thus fostering a peaceful and just resolution to the longstanding issues.

Despite a substantial police presence near the Indian High Commission, the protest was carried out in a peaceful manner, underscoring the commitment of the participants to advocate for their cause while upholding the principles of non-violence.

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