Another cricketer with Pakistani roots becomes a target of Indian harassment

Yet another cricketer of Pakistani origin faces the consequences of India’s discriminatory visa policies. English cricketer Shoaib Basheer, despite being part of the British squad, has not been granted an Indian visa, rendering him unable to join the team for England’s first Test. As a result, Basheer will return to England after a camp in Abu Dhabi and will have to reapply for an Indian visa.

Expressing his dissatisfaction with India’s treatment of Shoaib Basheer, English captain Ben Stokes remarked, “It is quite disappointing to see such behavior towards a young player. He is not the first player this has happened to.”

It is worth noting that due to his ties with Pakistan, Australia’s Usman Khawaja faced a similar situation late last year, receiving an Indian visa only after some delay. Additionally, at least two journalists of Pakistani origin residing in Britain were also denied coverage of the World Cup last year.

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