KZK Foundation Continues Its Service Journey from Bhimber to Neelum: Khadija Zareen Khan

Rawalakot: Renowned educationist and distinguished social leader, Mrs. Khadija Zareen, Chairperson of Khadija Zareen Foundation, addressed a gathering at the Ghazi Millat Press Club in Rawalakot, honoring the members of the club. The occasion saw the participation of new members, including several distinguished individuals.

During her address, Mrs. Khadija Zareen acknowledged the challenges of journalism, stating that those involved in this profession are truly engaged in a form of jihad. She praised the history of the Ghazi Millat Press Club, expressing gratitude for the respect and affection she has received on every visit, which she considers an honor.

Mrs. Khadija Zareen emphasized her awareness of the issues faced by journalists and press clubs and pledged to do her best to address them. Responding to a question, she explained that she established the Khadija Zareen Foundation for public service and welfare, and the ongoing service journey from Bhimber to Neelum is a testament to that commitment.

She highlighted the success of building an excellent team for the foundation’s purpose and expressed her gratitude for the widespread cooperation from journalists. Sardar Rashid Nazir, President of the Ghazi Millat Press Club Rawalakot, thanked Mrs. Khadija Zareen for her presence at the gathering and acknowledged the camaraderie between the club and the foundation.

He expressed gratitude for the solidarity shown by Mrs. Khadija Zareen and assured her that the Ghazi Millat Press Club Rawalakot will continue to stand by her in all social endeavors. He concluded by stating that whenever the Press Club is needed, it will stand with Mrs. Khadija Zareen.

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