6 Easy-to-Make Facial Masks That Will Save Your Skin

Stressful situations, overworking, lack of sleep, health problems – all of this can make our facial skin look and feel tired.

We at Bright Side decided to find a solution to this problem.We’ve searched far and wide and are now happy to present a selection of five effective facial mask recipes that will restore life to your skin and make you feel good about your appearance.

Potato and lemon mask

1 potato
1/2 lemon (juice)

Blend the potato, put it into a bowl, then gradually add the lemon juice and mix it all together with a spoon or spatula until you get a homogeneous mass.

Apply the mix to your face with gentle circular movements.
Let it stay for 20 minutes.
Wash the mask off with water.
This mask is of particular effectiveness against spots on your face that you get because of the suntan. In just three nights, you’ll see that your skin is once again free of blemishes and sun-spots.

Cucumber mask
1 cucumber
1 chicken egg white

Whisk the egg white to a foam consistency.
Grate the cucumber using a fine grater (you’ll need to produce 2 spoonfuls of cucumber pulp).
Add the cucumber pulp to the egg white foam, and stir the ingredients well.

Once the mix is ready, apply it to your face.
Leave it on for 15 minutes.
Wash the mask off.
The mask is a great refreshers. Plus it treats blemishes, open pores and reduces eye wrinkles.

Lemon mask
1 egg white
1 teaspoon of honey
1 teaspoon of milk
1 teaspoon of lemon juice

Whisk the egg white.
Add the rest of the ingredients to the egg white foam, and stir everything well.
To make the mix more viscous, try adding ground oat flakes.

Apply the facial mask carefully. Leave it on for 15 minutes.
Remove the mask using a warm compress.
Rinse your face with water, having added a few drops of chamomile infusion.
This mixture will help you get rid of acne marks, revive dull and dry skin and brighten the complexion.

Oatmeal mask
1 tablespoon of oatmeal
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 sour green apple
1 tablespoon of honey
2 tablespoons of kefir
Juice from 1 lemon

Whisk the oatmeal in a blender.
Grate the apple.
Take 3 small bowls. Use the first bowl to mix the ground oatmeal and olive oil.
Use the second bowl to mix the ground apple pulp and honey.
The third bowl is used to mix the kefir and lemon juice.

Apply the mask in layers using a makeup brush.
Having rinsed your face, apply the first layer (a mixture of oatmeal and olive oil). Let the mix dry a bit.
Then apply the second layer (a mixture of ground apple and honey). Leave it to dry for 5 minutes.
Finally, apply the third layer (a mixture of kefir and lemon juice).
Wait another 5 minutes. In total, the mask should stay on your face for 15 minutes.
Wash your face thoroughly.
This mask tackles oily skin, treats acne and removes dead cells.

Turmeric mask
¼ teaspoon of powdered turmeric
1 tablespoon of avocado
1 teaspoon of yogurt or kefir

Mash the avocado (either using a blender or manually with a fork) until you get a smooth pulp.
Put the avocado purée, the turmeric, and the yogurt in a small bowl and stir everything thoroughly.

Rinse your face first. Apply the mask in gentle circular movements.
Leave the mask on for 5 minutes.
Wash it off.
Useful advice:

The avocado and yogurt mask can stick to your hair along the hairline. To avoid this, put your hair in a bun.
Make sure that you choose the right type of yogurt. We advise you to use a simple, nonsweet, probiotic product that won’t cause skin irritation. Greek yogurt is particularly good as a facial mask component.
Since turmeric and yogurt stains are difficult to get off, change into something old and casual before starting to prepare the mask.

Try this mask to soothe skin irritations, treat burns and relieve the pain of sunburns. The mixture also reduces inflammation and facial redness and promotes skin healing.

Chocolate and oatmeal mask
1/3 cup of cacao powder
1/4 cup of honey
2 tablespoons of heavy cream or sour cream
3 tablespoons of oatmeal powder

Put the oats through a blender. Then put all of the mask’s ingredients into a small bowl, and stir them together using a spoon or a spatula.

Once the mask is ready, use either a clean brush or your fingers to apply it to your face as quickly as possible.
Massage your face lightly.
Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes (we advise you to have a brief lie down while you wait).
Get up, and wash the mask off.
Use this mask if you suffer from oily, acne-prone, aging, dry, or sensitive skin.

Some general advice on using facial masks:
6 Easy-to-Make Facial Masks That Will Save Your Skin
Check your skin for possible adverse reactions before using the mask. Put some of the mask’s material on the bend of your elbow. If no irritation appears after 15 minutes, it is safe to apply the mask to your face.
Always rinse your face before applying the mask.
Before starting to prepare the mask, make sure that all of the ingredients are fresh. When the mask is ready, use it immediately.
While applying the mask, follow the facial massaging lines, starting from the bottom part of the face and moving upwards. The first stage of mask application should begin at the chin (or the neck) and finish in the forehead region.
The second stage involves using both hands simultaneously, moving from the chin to the ears and from the edges of the lips to the ears. Finally, concentrate on applying the mask to the upper part of your face by starting at the middle of the forehead and moving towards the temples.
Always leave some clear skin around your eyes and mouth. Once the mask is applied, it’s best to lie down, close your eyes, and relax. Ideally, you should apply facial masks in the evening before going to bed.
Don’t leave the mask on for too long. If your skin feels any discomfort during the procedure, wash the mask off immediately.
Remove your masks with water only. Avoid using cleaning agents. Make sure that the water temperature is right for your skin type. For example, oily skin dislikes hot water, while dry skin only feels comfortable after a warm wash. Once the mask is removed, treat your skin to some moisturizing cream.

Bonus: facial peeling with a cut tomato

You can also cut a tomato into slices and sprinkle some sugar on it. Gently scrub your skin with it to do away with dead skin cells and get a clean and fresh looking skin.

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