5G coming to Pakistan in 10 months

5G coming to Pakistan in 10 months
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August 30, 2023
5G coming to Pakistan in 10 months
Caret­aker Federal Minister for IT and Telecommunication Dr Umar Saif and Pakistan Telecomm­unication Auth­ority (PTA) Chairman retired Major General Hafeezur Rehman have announced that 5G services will be launched within 10 months.

Dr Umar Saif said that hinderances in launching 5G services will be countered swiftly and issues in regards to taxation, teledensity and spectrum will be addressed.

Moreover, quality of the service will also be worked on in order to cater to the masses with the imminent 5G auction.

service quality ranks very very low — 79 out of 100 according to the Inclusive Internet Index — reason being the lack of investment in the telecom infrastructure.

According to Dawn.com, PTA officials pointed out to the minister that telecom operators in Pakistan only have 274 MHz spectrum to serve the 7th largest number of telecom users in the world, whereas, a single telecom operator in Australia uses over 345 MHz.

“For better telecom services, we must ensure immediate improvement in 4G infrastructure and accelerate the rollout of 5G in Pakistan,” the PTA chief said.

While the Minis­try announced to launch 5G by the middle of 2023 and was seeking foreign investment, a digital emergency has also been declared due to the “high cost of doing business and restrictions on imports of components and technical parts”, reports Dawn.com.

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