Vehari’s Political Landscape Shaped: Jutt Group Announces Candidacy for 2 National and 4 Provincial Assembly Seats

Vehari: In a notable political development, voters in Vehari have pre-emptively revealed their choices for two National Assembly (NA) and four Provincial Assembly (PA) seats ahead of the upcoming general elections. According to a survey conducted in anticipation of the elections, the Jutt Group has declared its allegiance to securing victories for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) candidates in NA-156, NA-157, PP-229, PP-230, PP-231, and PP-232.
With over 70% of the surveyed constituency expressing support for the PTI’s Jutt Group, determined to secure victory in the elections, the group has officially announced its commitment to mark a regime change through the ballot paper.
The political landscape in Vehari is witnessing a significant contest, with the Jutt Group emerging as a decisive force. The survey reports that Aisha Nazir Jutt, the PTI candidate from NA-156, is considered the frontrunner in the constituency. Aisha Jutt contested as an independent candidate in 2013 and secured the second position. Later, in 2016, she won a seat in the Provincial Assembly from the PP-230 constituency with over 56,000 votes on the PTI ticket. In 2018, she again secured over 30,000 votes as an independent candidate.
Similarly, Dr. Arifa Nazir Jutt from NA-157 is another formidable candidate. Arifa contested as an independent candidate in the 2013 elections and garnered over 25,000 votes. In 2018, she again obtained over 30,000 votes independently. Being from the influential Jutt family, there is a high probability of Arifa Nazir Jutt winning the election from NA-157.
Omar Nazir Jutt, a prominent figure in the Jutt family, and the organizer of Imran Khan’s well-known 2016 rally, has emerged as a strong PTI candidate for the Provincial Assembly seat PP-229. With the advantage of being in the ancestral constituency, Omar Nazir Jutt has a 50% chance of winning the election.
Chaudhry Nazir Ahmed Jutt asserts that the PP-230 constituency is currently unrepresented, expressing confidence that, if awarded the ticket, he will secure victory in the area.
It is crucial to note that PTI voters and supporters in Vehari are currently grappling with deep sorrow and anger due to the imprisonment of PTI leader Imran Khan. They intend to respond to political vengeance through the ballot paper.

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