Unity in Islamabad: Rally Against Israeli Atrocities Draws Wide Support for Palestine

Islamabad: National Press Club, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Civil Society Alliance organized a powerful protest rally condemning Israeli atrocities and the tragic loss of innocent Palestinian lives.

In a resolute display of unity, citizens from all walks of life, including journalists, lawyers, businesspeople, students, civil society activists, political leaders, and labor union representatives, gathered in a rally that stretched from the National Press Club to D Chowk in Islamabad. The primary objective was to raise awareness about the ongoing genocide of Palestinians by Israeli forces and the targeted killing of 31 journalists.

The rallying cry emphasized the urgent need to halt the war imposed on Palestinians by Israel and to open the Rafah border for the undocumented Palestinian citizens, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of essential relief supplies.

Several prominent speakers articulated the profound historical connection between Pakistan and Palestine, spanning not just years, but centuries. They highlighted the relentless diplomatic, political, and moral efforts made by Pakistani leaders, including Quaid-e-Azam, in support of Palestine and against Israel.

Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed, President of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ahsan Bakhtawari, Head of Pakistan Sweet Homes Zamrad Khan, CD Chaudhry Muhammad Yasin, General Secretary of the Labor Union Afzal Butt, President of PFUJ Nadeem Khan, Chairman of the Khabib Foundation Anwar Raza, President of the National Press Club Nair Ali, Finance Secretary Abid Abbasi, President of RIUJ Tariq Ali, former President of the Islamabad Chamber Zafar Bakhtavari, Senator Javed Abbasi, President of Anjuman Tajran Pakistan Ajmal Baloch, and others delivered impassioned speeches during the protest rally.

Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed called for collective action by the naval forces of Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, and Malaysia to end the sea blockade of Gaza under the leadership of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. The delegation of heads of Muslim countries should take a prominent role in visiting various nations to help halt the Palestinian genocide in Gaza.

Ahsan Bakhtawari, President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, demanded an immediate ceasefire to prevent further casualties among innocent Palestinian children and women. Chaudhry Muhammad Yasin, General Secretary of the CDA Labor Union, urged solidarity and moral support for the Palestinians, emphasizing the responsibility of Muslims to stand up for their brethren in need.

President PFUJ Afzal Butt paid tribute to individuals from diverse backgrounds worldwide who protested against the Palestinian genocide, urging Muslim countries to unite and raise their voices against Israeli aggression. Zumard Khan, head of Pakistan Sweet Homes, highlighted the participation of children from Pakistan Sweet Homes in the rally as a symbol of solidarity with the Palestinian children who lost their lives. Nadeem Khan, Chairman of the Khabib Foundation, stressed the dire need for aid in Palestine, emphasizing the foundation’s ongoing relief efforts in Gaza.

President of Anjuman Tajran Pakistan Ajmal Baloch underlined the significance of Palestine and Al-Aqsa Mosque as sacred places for Muslims worldwide. He called for global Muslim unity in support of the Palestinian cause.

Anwar Raza, President of the National Press Club, condemned the ongoing cruelty in Palestine and emphasized the rally’s purpose to express unwavering solidarity with the Palestinian people, symbolized by the display of only Pakistani and Palestinian flags.

Finance Secretary NPC Nayar Ali voiced full solidarity with the Palestinians and questioned the inaction of the United Nations in the face of Israeli bombings. RIUJ President Bad Abbasi and General Secretary Tariq Ali Wark highlighted the unity of the Pakistani nation against Israeli oppression, expressing profound love for their Palestinian brothers. They also denounced the targeting of journalists in the conflict.

The former President of the Islamabad Chamber, Zafar Bakhtavari, and Senator Javed Abbasi reiterated their solidarity with the Palestinian people. The participants of the rally proudly waved the flags of Pakistan and Palestine, sending a clear message of protest and support.

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