The sale of arms prohibited throughout Pakistan

The nationwide prohibition on firearm sales, excluding those from the Pakistan Ordinance Factory (POF), has been enforced by the interior ministry.

As per the issued notification, receipts from dealers, excluding those originating from the POF, will no longer be considered valid for transactions involving firearms. The directive specifies that dealer receipts are unacceptable, and dealers are prohibited from selling weapons of banned bore.

Individuals possessing firearms are mandated to exclusively obtain arms from the POF. Acquiring weapons from other dealers would render the transaction ineligible for an arms license.

Weapons Proliferation in Pakistan

The proliferation of firearms in Pakistan remains a significant concern. A study conducted in 2016 by the Small Arms Survey estimated approximately 38 million firearms in Pakistan, equating to roughly one firearm for every four individuals. This high rate of gun ownership contributes significantly to the country’s elevated levels of gun-related violence.

Impact of Firearms in Pakistan

The prevalence of firearms in Pakistan has far-reaching consequences. Gun violence is a major public health issue, being a leading cause of fatalities and injuries. Moreover, weapons are frequently employed in criminal activities, fostering an environment of fear and insecurity.

Measures to Tackle the Problem

The Pakistani government has undertaken certain measures to address the proliferation of weapons, yet these efforts have seen limited success. In 2017, a campaign was initiated by the government to gather illegal firearms; however, its impact was minimal. Additionally, laws have been enacted to regulate the sale and possession of weapons, but enforcement remains ineffective.

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