The Prime Minister highlights the significant influence of parents and teachers in molding the future of students.

KOHAT: Addressing the 58th Parents Day at Cadet College Kohat (CCK) on Thursday, Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar emphasized the pivotal roles of parents and teachers in molding the futures of students. He underscored the need for faculty members to actively engage in guiding and nurturing the country’s future by instilling a strong sense of purpose in the students within the education system.

As an alumnus of the college, Prime Minister Kakar urged parents to fulfill their responsibilities by supporting the institution and providing enhanced training and guidance to their children.

Reflecting on his own student life at the college, he recalled a rigorous yet rewarding routine that aimed at shaping students into competent professionals and better individuals prepared to face life’s challenges.

Highlighting the importance of modern education, particularly in fields like science and technology, the Prime Minister emphasized its role in ensuring a nation’s material prosperity. He stressed that educated youth, enriched with high moral values, could pave the way for a brighter future for their homeland.

Encouraging students to focus diligently on their studies and make the most of available resources and time, Prime Minister Kakar reminded them of their obligations to their parents. He shared his own journey, entering the college in 1984 as an individual from a disadvantaged area of Balochistan province.

Expressing gratitude to his teachers, some of whom had passed away, the Prime Minister attributed his current position to their guidance and the support of his parents.

He advised students to work diligently, set clear goals for their future, and emphasized that with persistence, honesty, and sincerity, they could attain their objectives.

Brigadier (r) Tufail Muhammad Khan, Principal of Cadet College Kohat, praised the institution’s commitment to providing top-notch educational and training facilities, resulting in consistently excellent outcomes for CCK students.

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