The populace will refuse to endorse ‘Selection Plus’ because Nawaz has already been announced as the Prime Minister, stated Asad Qaiser

PTI pledges to persist in the rightful pursuit of upholding the rule of law and the constitution, despite facing significant challenges. They call upon the caretaker government to ensure fairness and allow the populace to determine their own destiny on an equal footing.

In Islamabad, Asad Qaiser, a senior leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and former National Assembly speaker, vehemently condemned the intimidation tactics imposed on PTI leaders and supporters, asserting that baseless and politically motivated allegations, as well as retaliatory measures, wouldn’t deter them.

He affirmed their unwavering commitment to championing the supremacy of the constitution and enforcing law in the nation, regardless of the obstacles. Through a statement released by the PTI Central Media Department, Asad Qaiser emphasized that the nation would not endorse any form of “Selection Plus.” Hence, he urged for fair treatment of political parties to enable people to freely elect their preferred leaders.

Expressing dismay over Nawaz Sharif’s pre-declaration as the next Prime Minister, he questioned the recognition of such a premier. Asad Qaiser deplored the retaliatory measures aimed at PTI and emphasized their resilience in making Pakistan an independent and just state.

He questioned the intentions of the caretaker government regarding conducting impartial and transparent elections, highlighting the need for a level playing field for all political parties. Asad Qaiser stressed that the ongoing electoral process was far from fair and free, being labeled as a “Selection Plus” that no one would accept.

Demanding a fair platform for PTI, he asserted their fearlessness in facing any legal challenges. Asad Qaiser urged for an environment conducive to free and transparent elections, emphasizing the importance of letting the people choose their leader freely.

Appealing for compassion towards the nation’s well-being, Asad Qaiser emphasized the collective Pakistani identity and the shared goal of working for the country’s advancement.

He praised PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s efforts in elevating Pakistan’s stature globally and reassured the public of their ongoing commitment to the country’s progress, prosperity, and the maintenance of the rule of law.

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