The NATO chief states that Russia is readying its economy for an extended conflict

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated on Saturday that Russia is preparing its economy for a prolonged conflict. “As Russia is directing its entire economy towards war, we must also enhance our security measures,” Stoltenberg emphasized in an interview. He clarified that NATO is not seeking war with Russia but stressed the need to ready themselves for a potential confrontation that could endure for decades. Stoltenberg cautioned, “If Vladimir Putin succeeds in Ukraine, there’s no assurance that Russian aggression won’t extend to other nations.” He emphasized the importance of supporting Ukraine and investing in bolstering the alliance’s military capabilities as essential defensive measures against Russia. “We must expedite the restoration and expansion of our industrial capacity to increase aid to Ukraine and replenish our own supplies,” the NATO secretary general explained. “This entails transitioning from slow peacetime production to rapid production necessary during times of conflict,” he concluded.

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