The Minister of Information Technology pledges the introduction of 5G and convenient installment plans for smartphones

Caretaker Federal Minister for IT and Telecommunication, Dr. Umar Saif, highlighted on Wednesday the government’s primary dedication to delivering top-notch telecommunications services to the public.

During a meeting with VEON’s Group Chief Executive Officer and CEO of Jazz, Aamir Ibrahim, Dr. Umar Saif underscored the government’s active efforts to improve connectivity nationwide.

A press release mentioned that the meeting covered various aspects of the telecommunications sector that are mutually beneficial.

In talks with the VEON delegation, Dr. Umar Saif disclosed plans to soon auction tech-neutral spectrum, intending to enhance telecommunications services for the public. He assured full support for the imminent launch of 5G and affirmed close collaboration between the Ministry of IT and Telecommunication and the telecom industry. Additionally, he announced the upcoming availability of smartphones with convenient installment plans.

Addressing the delegation, Dr. Umar Saif conveyed Pakistan’s favorable investment climate and urged Jazz to consider investing in the e-agriculture, e-education, and e-health sectors.

He commended the VEON Group for its significant contributions to the technology sector and smartphone provision.

VEON’s CEO, Aamir Ibrahim, stressed the importance of robust telecom systems as the cornerstone of the digital ecosystem and the nation’s economic stability.

The meeting, attended by senior officials from the IT Ministry, delved into discussions crucial for the development of the telecom sector.

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