The Expected Election Scenario

After the 9th may, the political scenario was rapidly changed, so the political analysts are unable to predict what is going to happen in the near future. If you look at the electoral history of Pakistan, it seems that an endless political riot is about to start like always. As soon as the government ends, the coalition parties will open such fronts about each other that the whole country will be stunned. As the election date is announced, the politicians will call each other corrupt, traitor, dishonest and whatnot. The struggle to get the blessing of the military establishment will be more intense and if that support is available to their opponent, then the speeches will have a revolutionary spirit. Unfortunately ,history has proven that victory will go to whoever fits better into one-page politics. Apart from the traditional electoral system, in the context of changing international politics, this time some different options cannot be ignored.

If you keep an eye on international current affairs, you will see unusual changes. Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia is visiting Iran. Pakistan is trading with Russia. Despite all the antagonism and border tensions, India is increasing ties with China. A few Asian countries are transacting in local currency and under the barter system instead of dollars. The work on Gwadar and CPEC is seen to be speeding up. All this is quite unusual. And with these extraordinary measures, the rumors of making an Asian block by Russia and China seem true.

If this is true, then just imagine how the balance of power is changing. A former superpower and a future superpower are setting a new line of power in the world along with four countries (India, Pakistan, Iran and Bangladesh).There are four nuclear powers. Their population is half of the entire world. The trade through CPEC, Chabahar and Gwadar can be expanded to a new level. Thus, there are dozens of other aspects which show its importance.

Pakistan is a nuclear power. It has special importance geographically and on the basis of population but it is facing the worst economic crisis these days due to many factors, the most important of which is political instability, but despite all this, Pakistan cannot be separated from this greater game. China wants to develop Gwadar on the style of Dubai by speeding up the work on CPEC. The news of making Gwadar airport the best international airport is increasing day by day. Along with this, a big investment in Pakistan is also expected soon. But for all this, China demands one thing from Pakistan and that is political stability. If you look at the current situation, you do not see such a possibility in the next two decades. Now there are two possible scenarios for it, one is that there is a coalition government and its control is in the hands of those who have been in their hands till now. Another way is to form a national government in which all the political stakeholders are tied to the same boat with greed, promises or invisible pressure. The third way is to prolong it by bringing a caretaker or technocrat setup.

Now the question arises that how will this be possible? So remember that a lot has changed in Pakistan after the events of 9th may. Earlier, if there was hope that the political interference of “Sahib Bahadur” would end in the next ten to twelve years, now it does not seem to end in the next 25 years. The political blunder of PTI and vindictive attitude of PDM after 9th may contributed to establish the long-term monopoly of “Sahib Bahadur” Although anything can happen in this country, but the balance of power in the country has changed completely. Therefore, it is nothing but foolish to ignore these concerns now.

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