The election is expected to take place sometime between January 15th and January 25th, as stated by Kanwar Dilshad

In Rawalpindi, Kanwar Dilshad, the former secretary to the election commission, announced on Wednesday that it is probable that the election will be conducted between January 15th and 25th. Currently serving as a special assistant to the caretaker chief minister of Punjab, Dilshad, accompanied by the caretaker health minister Jamal Nasir, was in Rawalpindi during his statement to the media.

He shared that the election commission has already published lists containing the names of more than 120 million registered voters. He also mentioned that the delimitation process is slated to be completed by November 30th, and a gazette notification detailing the delimitations and electoral rolls will be released by that date.

Dilshad emphasized that the authority to schedule the election and announce the election date solely rests with the election commission, and no other government entity can interfere with this power. He underlined that the election commission possesses complete authority in matters related to Article 222 and 230 of the constitution. Given the current circumstances, he suggested that the election schedule is likely to be officially announced during the second week of November.

Furthermore, Dilshad clarified that the caretaker government has the authority, as per Article 224, to allocate funds and oversee construction projects. He also made it clear that the Punjab government is not obligated to favor any particular political party, responding to a question on the matter.

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