Tesla engineer killed in ‘violent’ malfunction by a rogue robot

At the Tesla Giga Texas factory near Austin, a distressing event occurred resulting in the tragic death of a Tesla engineer due to a malfunction that led a robot to become aggressive.

As reported by Daily Mail, while attempting to secure two disabled Tesla robots, one designed for handling aluminum vehicle parts unexpectedly turned hostile. It inflicted injuries on the worker by using its metal claws, leaving behind a distressing scene of blood across the factory floor.

In the injury report for 2021, the victim was noted to have suffered an “open wound” on the left hand. Despite the seriousness of the injury, the report indicated that the engineer did not require time off work for recovery.

Nevertheless, doubts have been raised, particularly by an attorney representing Tesla’s Giga Texas contract workers, suggesting that injuries at the factory might be underreported. This concern stems from an unreported fatality of a construction worker in September 2021.

These apprehensions transcend the boundaries of the factory, highlighting broader concerns regarding the increased reliance on automated robots in workplaces. Instances at Amazon shipment centers, incidents of aggressive behavior by robots, and unfortunate fatalities have prompted inquiries into the rapid integration of technology and its impact on workplace safety.

Tesla’s history of reporting injuries has faced scrutiny, with accusations of misclassifying accidents to evade regulatory scrutiny. The Workers Defense Project has filed complaints with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), alleging that Tesla’s contractors provided false safety certifications to workers.

The tragic incident at Giga Texas further contributes to the growing concerns regarding robotic automation. This has sparked a demand for a comprehensive reassessment of safety protocols and reporting standards in workplaces embracing advanced technologies.

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