Surrogate advertising firms discovered ‘online’ assistance during the Perth test.

Surrogate advertising companies received ‘virtual’ backing during the Perth Test match between Australia and Pakistan on Wednesday. Numerous logos were visible on television broadcasts that were absent at the actual venue, being digitally inserted through software.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has distanced itself from this issue, stating it’s a matter between the host board and the broadcaster.

It’s noteworthy that gambling is legal in Australia, with advertisements from betting companies regularly displayed on the boundary. However, in the advertisements shown at the venue, the word “Bet” was altered, with an A replacing the E.

Upon contacting stadium authorities, it was confirmed that no logos had been physically painted on the ground. Subsequent investigation revealed the use of software to create the illusion of these advertisements.

Although the ads appeared convincingly painted onto the ground and even showed player shadows falling on them, this was not the case. Interestingly, when the entire ground was televised, no logos were visible.

The PCB spokesperson remarked, “Agreements with sponsors during matches held abroad fall under the jurisdiction of the host board, leaving us unable to intervene.”

Regarding the issue of virtual advertising, the spokesperson stated that if such a practice had occurred, it was the broadcaster’s responsibility, not theirs.

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