Solemn Tribute in Haveli Commemorates APS Peshawar Attack Martyrs

Haveli: A prayer ceremony was organized at Pilot High School Haveli Kahuta in connection with the condolences references for the martyrs of the APS Peshawar incident. The ceremony was presided over by Deputy Commissioner Haveli Raja Imran Shahin, and special guest Khadija Zareen, Chairperson of the KZK Foundation.

The ceremony saw the participation of numerous individuals, including the Chairman of the Municipal Committee, Assistant Commissioner Haveli, District Education Officer (Female) Haveli, President of the Press Club Haveli, and President of the Traders’ Association, along with a large number of students.

Speaking at the ceremony, Khadija Zareen Khan, Chairperson of the KZK Foundation, expressed that Haveli Kahuta is an overlooked and neglected station where people face countless issues. However, she acknowledged the resilience of the local community, stating that her foundation is actively working to address public issues. She pledged to collaborate on solving problems related to government schools during her next visit, focusing on the construction and provision of furniture for school buildings, books, and other necessities.

Furthermore, Khadija Zareen announced financial contributions for providing diesel for bulldozers to keep roads open throughout the year and for the renovation of the Pilot High School hall. She also assured support for addressing medical supply issues. Deputy Commissioner Haveli Imran Shahin, while addressing the gathering, emphasized the importance of the APS tragedy’s memory, stating that the sacrifices of the APS Peshawar martyrs remain fresh even after nine years.

Khadija Zareen Khan praised the Pakistani armed forces for their sacrifices in eradicating terrorism and ensuring the defense of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. She paid tribute to the APS martyrs, extending condolences to their parents and relatives. Local authorities expressed their gratitude for Khadija Zareen’s visit, promising a warm welcome and grand reception during her next visit to Haveli.

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