Small Dam Built By Chakwal Farmer How Much Did It Cost?

In the town of Chakwal, the farmer constructed a mini-dam with his help, which is supplying water to his land as well as to the lands of nearby villages.

This mini dam built in the town of Bukhari Kalan at a distance of 30 kilometers from Chakwal city was completed by a farmer after 6 years of long struggle and hard work. The depth of this mini dam built on 35 acres at a cost of about 4 crore rupees is 15 feet.

It collects the water coming from rain and rivers. This dam has the capacity to supply water to an area of ​​200 acres but initially 100 acres of area is being supplied with water.

Farmer Chaudhry Irfan says that we did not have any alternative arrangement of water, our area is rainy, there were many problems with underground water, when we people saw that water is also being lost here, our generation worked on these lands. Tired of doing it, we thought why not collect the same water and use it.

He said that after a long period of 6 years, today we have reached the point that where we are providing water to our lands, other people are also benefiting and the water table of the area has also improved, 18 from the dam. A small Kiosk canal has also been taken out, from which the barren and desolate area is now green.

According to the farmer, we have dug a 2×2 canal inside the tunnel, in which 18 cusecs of water is being supplied, water is being supplied to twin villages including Bhakari Kalan, which was a barren and desolate area today.

Farmer Chaudhry Irfan says that efforts are being made to generate electricity from the dam to meet the shortage of electricity.

He added that we had heard that there is a subsidy on agriculture in Pakistan, but it is not the case, we are getting a lot of electricity bills, and to get rid of it, God willing, we will generate 70 KW of electricity at the low head of the turbine.

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