Sewa Lamsal has been appointed as Nepal’s inaugural female Foreign Secretary.

Kathmandu: Sewa Lamsal assumed the role of Nepal’s new Foreign Secretary on Thursday, making history as the first female to hold this esteemed position in the country’s seven-decade-long history since 1948.

Taking charge of her new responsibilities on December 15, Sewa Lamsal previously held a senior position within Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As the 25th Foreign Secretary of Nepal, she will oversee the country’s diplomacy, international relations, foreign affairs, as well as tasks such as passport issuance and consular affairs.

Sewa Lamsal stepped into her role as Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today. Congratulations and best wishes to Foreign Secretary @sewa_lamsal from the MOFA family. @NPSaudnc

— MOFA of Nepal 🇳🇵 (@MofaNepal) December 15, 2023

Previously, she managed the ministry’s obligations to the United Nations (UN), global organizations, international law, and served as the ministry’s spokesperson before her promotion to secretary.

Beginning her diplomatic career as an under-secretary in 2010, Sewa Lamsal held the position of ambassador to Pakistan from 2016 to 2020. She also served as the deputy permanent representative and minister plenipotentiary at Nepal’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations.

Having swiftly risen to the rank of joint secretary within a year after transitioning from administrative to foreign service, she has spent over 13 years working in various capacities as a joint secretary in the Foreign Ministry.

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The British Embassy in Kathmandu extended congratulations and best wishes to Sewa Lamsal on her significant appointment as Foreign Secretary. They expressed hope that her new role would further strengthen the relationship between both countries.

Congratulations from the British Embassy Kathmandu on your appointment as Foreign Secretary. Historic appointment & we look forward to continuing to work with you in this important role: building the bonds our countries share to the benefit of 🇳🇵🇬🇧.

Assuming the leadership of the foreign ministry at a crucial time, Sewa Lamsal faces multiple external challenges arising from domestic needs, geopolitical considerations, intricate relationships with India, China, and global powers, as well as diplomacy concerning labor and the environment.

These issues align with a transformed geopolitical landscape, highlighting the necessity to enhance the effectiveness of the foreign ministry.

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