Sajal Aly withdraws from Fatima Jinnah web series

Pakistani actress Sajal Aly’s departure from the highly anticipated web series “Fatima Jinnah: Sister, Revolutionist, Stateswoman” has generated significant buzz.

Director Danial K Afzal has clarified the circumstances surrounding her exit, citing it as a matter of disassociation and not a withdrawal. The historical series revolves around the iconic political leader Fatima Jinnah, played by Sajal Aly initially.


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Danial K Afzal noted that while Sajal Aly’s acting prowess was not in question, the decision to replace her was influenced by the overwhelming reaction from the audience after the release of the prologue.

He praised Sajal’s talent but mentioned that the method sometimes gets overshadowed by the preparation when portraying such iconic characters.

Sajal Aly’s manager, Maria Mahesar, confirmed her exit, expressing well-wishes for the project’s future. The director also confirmed that a replacement has been found and will be announced soon.

The show, which spans three seasons and delves into historical narratives, is among Pakistan’s most expensive and is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the past.

While the release date for the series has not been finalized, it’s expected to be either on Fatima Jinnah’s birthday or Pakistan’s Independence Day to hold significance.

The series boasts an ensemble cast, with Usman Mukhtar portraying Allama Iqbal, Sarmad Khoosat as Mahatma Gandhi, and other notable figures. “Fatima Jinnah: Sister, Revolutionist, Stateswoman” aims to offer insights into both her political career and personal life, including her relationship with Quaid-e-Azam’s wife, Ratti Jinnah.

The upcoming release of the hauntingly beautiful OST is expected to reveal the star cast, further heightening anticipation for the show’s historical and personal narratives.

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